Tech Tips To Get Started With Direct-To-Garment Printing Business

If you run a business in the apparel segment, you will probably want to explore the direct-to-garment printing domain at some point. The trend is big, so you need not worry about falling short of demand. At the same time, the technique is flexible, eco-friendly, and has quick turnaround times. But the industry mainly relies on DTG technology, and you should get the basics right before diving in. The good thing is that you need not be a genius to manage the tech side of the business. You only need genuine solutions to your challenges to establish and run your business successfully. Here are a few actionable tips to get started:

Research the DTG industry

Before digging deeper into DTG technology, you must understand the industry. Much goes into printing one t-shirt, so you need to research how things work. You can visit the most successful players in the industry to get a first-hand view of their operations. Luckily, the internet offers loads of information on the industry. You can even connect with industry leaders and domain experts through forums, message boards, and technical groups. The more knowledge you gather, the smoother your journey will be..

Draw a business plan

Like any other enterprise, your first tangible step in establishing a DTG venture is to draw a business plan. Although it is not exactly a tech requirement, good planning keeps you a step ahead. Consider your funding needs according to your initial scale, and arrange funds accordingly. You must also define your target market and develop a viable marketing plan to grow your outreach sooner than later. Since you plan to grow in the apparel segment, you must also have a branding plan for your startup.

Invest in technology

Once you research and plan, everything boils down to investing in technology. You will need high-quality DTG equipment to get your business off the mark. But startups may not afford high-end technology in the early stages. However, you can explore the leasing option until you have enough capital to buy. Consider getting an Epson F2100 DTG printer lease for high-quality, reliable printing. You can pay a few hundred dollars a month for a machine to set up your printing business in full swing. Remember to budget for supplies like genuine inks to get the best quality prints.

Do not skimp on expertise

Besides having quality equipment, you need the right tech expertise to operate them. Bringing experts on board is a good idea because they will already have a head start with operating the DTG printers. You must also provide adequate training to resources to ensure they are at pace with the latest tools and techniques in the industry. Training and development entail some expense, but consider it a worthy investment for your enterprise.  Also, keep an eye on the latest technology and embrace it sooner than later.

The scope in the DTG printing domain is immense, provided you are willing to be a tech-savvy business owner. Follow these actionable ideas to set your brand apart right from the start.

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Will Fastiggi

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