Earning Trust: How Businesses Can Build A Positive Brand Reputation

When you are growing your business, building a positive brand reputation for your company is so important. Customers want to interact with brands that are active in their community, kind to both customers and employees and are known for their personality and relatability. How can you build a positive brand reputation for your business? Read on to find out.

Great customer service is always important for any company, especially if you are trying to build a positive brand reputation. Treating your clients well and listening to their feedback is absolutely vital in building a loyal audience, and a good customer service interaction goes a long way. People are likely to share stories of great customer service experiences and recommend your company to friends and family, boosting your brand and potentially directing new customers to you.

Build trust between yourself and your customers and keep any promises you make. For example, if you are offering 24-hour delivery, make sure that is achievable for all customers, as every single late delivery will massively hurt your brand trust and reputation. Customers will leave reviews, particularly about bad experiences or broken trust, so try to reduce these instances as much as possible. One can opt for link removal services to reduce negativity about the brand. However, it is best if you keep on your promises and ensure a higher quality of services. Most customers who are considering purchasing from a new company will first look at reviews online, so having great customer experiences is essential to improve your reputation and draw in new customers.

Occasionally, these bad reviews might come along anyway. When there are problems that arise, don’t bury your head in the sand. Take action and take responsibility. Make it up to customers where you can, and hear them out. Be calm and fair when interacting with customers lodging complaints of any kind.

On a similar note, customers like brands that are trustworthy and human. Presenting a human attitude, rather than putting on a cold business front can really make customers warm to you, and relate a lot more. Be friendly and genuine in all customer interactions including marketing and advertisements. Social media is a great place to show the individuality of not just your brand but also your staff. Sharing personal experiences and using humour and honesty to reach your customers is a great way to improve your likability.

Your social media pages are the perfect place to really try this out, with more and more of daily life existing online now, a great digital marketing strategy is essential. Post regular updates, but don’t be robotic. Create fun and relatable campaigns, and monitor your social media pages regularly. Encourage customers to interact and send you any feedback, which should be checked often to increase response times, which in turn increases trust.

Ensure your staff have a strong product knowledge and are well-trained on everything they are selling. The importance of product knowledge should never be underestimated. It not only allows your employees to sell your product or service much more easily and naturally, but customers tend to respond positively to staff who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the product they are selling. They can better explain and advertise a product, and enthusiasm from staff will have an extremely positive effect on customers.

As well as training your staff, make sure to treat them really well. Being a good employer is essential if you are trying to build a positive brand reputation, especially with the rise in popularity of sites such as glassdoor, where employees can rate and review employers. Make sure you treat your employees well so that they will encourage friends and other industry professionals to work for you. Also, a happy employee is much more likely to make for a happy customer. Your employees are the most important part of your whole operation, so treat them as such.

Be part of the community

Wherever you can, take opportunities to help to grow and expand your community and the wider industry. This will help to improve your reputation amongst your peers. Get involved in community projects, make sure to set up a presence on professional networks such as LinkedIn and attend networking and industry events to share your expertise and connect with like-minded people.

Similarly, get involved with your local community and donate to charities and projects that are important to you. This will not only help you to reach new audiences but can be a marker to potential customers of how much you care. Get your employees involved too and start-company wide initiatives to help those in need.

Where you can, try to be more sustainable in your day-to-day business. Recycling schemes, low-waste initiatives and holding training sessions with employees on how to best care for the environment at work are all great examples of how to put a sustainable foot forward. This will be a great look for your company and will entice customers who are trying to be more eco-conscious themselves.

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