Quick Hacks To Grow Your Conversions This Year

The business landscape is more competitive than ever, making it hard to survive and thrive. The best way to keep up is by growing your conversions because they yield revenues and boost retention. However, achieving conversion goals is easier said than done because there is no tried-and-tested formula to convince your audience to convert. You need to think outside the box and embrace a growth hacking approach to maximise conversions. Here are a few quick hacks that can help you convert more traffic and leads this year.

Get a step ahead with brand positioning

You need not be a big brand to convert, but positioning your small brand can make a difference. Consider innovative ways to adapt your brand positioning to set it apart. For example, you can launch a unique product with no competition in the current market. Likewise, you may focus on niche markets that are still untapped by your competitors. Invest in creative tactics that make you appear bigger than you are. Try adding an international phone number to your website to showcase a  global presence.

Double up on your website user experience

This one is a no-brainer because an excellent user experience (UX) for your website is the mainstay of conversions. Visitors are more likely to complete their journey if they find the site appealing in the first place. Factors like fast loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and intuitive navigation also help. Also, minimise distractions like broken links and pop-ups to prevent visitors from bouncing off before converting.

Buy traffic for your website

Buying traffic for your website is a great idea if you wish to pick the growth hacking mindset for conversions. When you buy website traffic, you unlock the opportunity to grow your audience and build brand awareness sooner than later. Conversions also happen effortlessly because paid traffic is more relevant to your product and content. While the idea of buying traffic is legit, opt for a reputed source that offers value for your money with quality and relevance.

Recycle your best performing content

Another quick way to get a conversion boost for your business is by recycling your best-performing content. It is like reselling something the audience already loves, so you have to work less to coax them to convert. Repurposing saves time, effort, and money in creating new content. Moreover, it also improves search rankings because Google considers updated content as a fresh piece.

Go the extra mile with customer referrals

Conversions happen much faster if your customers refer your brand and products to others. Potential leads are more likely to follow the word-of-mouth recommendations of real customers than any other form of promotion. You can encourage referrals by incentivizing your buyers with a referral program. The giveaways need not burn a hole in your wallet, but even a small incentive can deliver immense benefits.

Increasing conversions for your brand need not be a humungous challenge. Just get a little smart with your marketing plans and optimize your online presence with these tactics. You will see surprising improvements sooner than later.

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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