Theme Park Spreadsheet Project

Following an introduction to spreadsheets by playing battleships, I have created this theme park project for lower senior students in order to build their knowledge, skills and understanding of how spreadsheets can be used in the real world.  The idea behind this project is for students to build on their skills of cell formatting, develop an understanding of how formulae can be used to calculate costs, and learn how to insert pie charts into spreadsheets.

Step 1.

Theme Park Spreadsheet Project
Students begin this project by designing the layout of their theme park.

Step 2.

Cost Analysis
Once the layout of the theme park has been designed, students need to use the appropriate formulae to calculate the costs of each ride, attraction and resource on their theme park.


Step 3.

Pie Chart
The last step is for students to use pie charts in order to present their spreadsheet data.

From tab 1 (represented on the first page below), students must use the information contained within the Key Information sheet to design their theme park on the template (found on the second tab).  Once they have finished their design, students need to use the correct formulae to calculate the costs of building their theme park.  Students have a total of $500,000 to spend, and they should update their design as necessary to keep within this budget.  On each of the cost spreadsheets, a pie chart should be included that illustrates the relative costs of each material, and then on the last tab, the pie chart inserted should illustrate the relative spending on each ride, attraction and service.

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Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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