The Gig Economy: Side Hustles for Busy Students

Side Hustles

If you’re someone who is paying their way through school, you may be curious to find hustles that can make it easy for you to work while also maintaining your class schedule. It’s not easy to juggle both work and school, but with the right side jobs, it can be made simpler. Here are a few side hustles that busy students may want to consider: 


A popular job for anyone who has experience with kids is babysitting or nannying. It’s a straightforward gig that offers you a stable schedule that works for your class schedule and can be well-paid in many cities in the country. 

While you’ll need to pass nanny background checks to get this job, it’s quite easy for college students to get this job. You can look on sites like Sittercity to find a plethora of job options in your area. You can find anything from evening schedules to morning gigs to a variety of hours throughout the week, so you can apply to the options that work best for you. 

Transcription work

For easy work that gets you money when you need it, you could look up transcription gigs that make it easy for you to work when you can while not stressing about having extensive experience in that field. If you look online for transcription work jobs, there are plenty of websites where you can easily sign up to do some side work whenever you need some extra work. 

It may be tedious work, but it’s ideal for those who want freedom while they work. Once you get better at it, you may be amazed at how much money you can make doing something as simple as transcription work. 


For those who like to be outside and who also love animals, the job of pet-sitting or simply dog walking may be the ideal option for you. It allows you to get the best of both worlds while making money and managing your own schedule. While some dog walking services will ask for background checks before you can get started on them, they’re worth doing so that you can get started walking dogs and get that cash in today’s anywhere economy.  

Freelance writing

For those who have a way with words, consider the benefits of writing for freelance platforms. You can work from your laptop anywhere and everywhere, enjoying the benefits of working on your own time. While it may take time and effort to find reliable clientele, there are dozens of gig apps online, which will allow you to find the best offers available, so give it a try. 

Before you know it, you may be making money while also keeping up with your classes. Gigs that allow you to work from anywhere and everywhere are definitely worth pursuing. If writing is a talent you have naturally, put it to good use to make money. 

Illustration/Graphic design 

For those who are artistic creatives, illustration and graphic design gigs may be a side hustle that could be right up your alley. Easy to do and ideal for people studying similar jobs, you may want to start looking on sites like Fiverr, where you can find gigs that get you paid quickly and easily. 

While this does mean doing some leg work on your part, once you get things going and get noticed by clients, you will be amazed at how much work you may end up with in the long run. Don’t rule out reaching out to your acquaintances to see if anyone needs your services—this could make life easier for you, and you could get started on your career as a creative in the world of technology and business. 

Concluding thoughts…

From tutoring and nannying to writing and illustration, there are many hustles that you can do to make money in today’s world. For those who can’t work 9-5 because of school, this may be the perfect way for you to make some extra cash while also making all of your classes.

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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