How to Create a Great Website for a New Business

A great website can help businesses to thrive. Having an online presence helps to establish credibility, allowing customers to make contact and find their location effortlessly.  This also gives customers a chance to know about the businesses’ products and services.

Here are some key guidelines for creating a great website:

1. Decide on an optimal domain name

The best place to start is to create a domain name. Ideally speaking, the domain name should be as short as possible, easy to spell and remember, and should be free of numbers and hyphens. The web address is best kept broad in case the business expands its horizons in the future.

2. Select the right eCommerce platform

If customers are to make transactions with the business online, an e-commerce website is the best option. This helps with things like bookings on the website while giving customers a more pleasant experience.

Moreover, integrating an online marketplace like Temu with your e-commerce website expands your reach and boosts sales potential by connecting you with a wider customer base.

3. Invest in search engine optimisation

Optimising a small business website ensures it is appropriately ranked and shows up on related searches. Ensure quality content and design so that it is ranked higher on search engine results.  Several other SEO techniques can be used such as link building to grow rankings.

4. Look for web design inspiration

The look and feel of the website should always be planned before it is crafted. Business owners can seek inspiration for web designs either online or through experienced web designers who can walk them through the entire process. This saves business owners time in the design phase.

5. Give a clear description of the business

The website should be designed in a manner that eliminates any confusion for potential clients. A visual representation of the services and products allows the target audience to knows exactly what to expect from the business. Likewise, the “About us” page should be easily accessible to anyone who visits the website.

6. Invest in a secure hosting service

All websites need a place to be hosted and that is the job of a web hosting service that offers the technology and support in order for the website to be viewed online.  Explore hosting website options and make sure to pick a reliable service.

7. Publish fresh content

The website should be updated regularly with fresh content that is easy to read and encourages customers to return for more. It is important to be consistent and publish blog posts and articles on the website regularly. Testimonials from previous clients who have enjoyed the services provided by the business make great content.

8. Ensure the website interface is memorable

The website should be memorable and exciting such that customers will want to know more about the business. Create a captivating website by using beautiful graphics that are compressed to ensure the website loads faster. Gain some inspiration by taking a look at how other companies have designed their websites.

9. Create a website maintenance plan

It is not enough to create a beautiful website and leave it hanging. A small business website maintenance plan protects the website from being hacked or attacked by malware, while allowing the business to learn more about its customer base.

Concluding thoughts…

A good website is the backbone of a business’s online presence, so it must be engaging and informative. Ultimately, customers tend to gauge the level of service they are likely to receive by how well the business website has been designed.

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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