Discover 5 Food Brands You Didn’t Know You Could Profit From

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As the title suggests, let’s talk about food brands. We all have our favorite go-to food items or drinks that we indulge in daily. For instance, I need a Red Bull every morning—a bit of a bad habit, I admit! But did you know that, just like Red Bull, you can distribute it and make money from it too? In this article, I’ll delve into five food brands that not only allow you to make money but also let you enjoy some of the profits by indulging in their products.

Snapple: A brand owned by Keurig Dr Pepper, Snapple has been around for many years—since 1972! You can find them in almost every market, gas station, and deli nationwide, and even worldwide. But did you know how those Snapple beverages get into the store? And no, I don’t mean who stocked up the fridge, but who actually distributed the drink? An independent Snapple distributor most likely made anywhere from $2 to $4 per case. Keep in mind, that each business takes up to 25 to 50 cases a month, some even more! Browse how much these Snapple routes for sale go for on BizRoutes.

Wise potato chips: Yes, indeed, we all know Wise potato chips, and I love them with a slice of pizza! With hundreds of different flavors, who would even think that there is money to be made with this brand? But yes, you can buy a Wise route and start distributing Wise potato chips to local delis and businesses. An average route can make about $1000 or more a week working 3-4 days a week!

Boars head: We all know a good sandwich requires some Boar’s Head meat— I mean, that’s my choice. But did you know a Boar’s Head distribution business for sale can start at $500K? Yes, that’s what I found while browsing BizRoutes… But before you skip this section, Boar’s Head route owners can make up to $4K a week and more!

Hagen Daz: Summer is just around the corner—fun, going out, BBQs, and you can’t forget ice cream! Have you ever been inside a mall and seen kiosks? You can own your very own Häagen-Dazs kiosk and make money while enjoying your favorite treat!

Marlow snacks:  Whether you’re at work bored or at home watching a movie, next time you snack on some nuts, take a look at the name of the company—it might be Marlow. You can distribute those to small businesses and make moneyyy—snack distributors can make up to $1000 a week working 4 days a week. Not bad for some snacks, right?

In conclusion, when you’re thinking of starting a business or perhaps buying one, let your stomach guide you this time! You may see an opportunity right in your fridge staring at you—then browse these listings on marketplaces for small businesses for sale like bizroutes to get started, hope this article gave you more ideas to widen your vision when it comes to the opportunities out there!

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