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Marketing changes its shades and forms every now and then, with morphing technologies and generations. Since marketing is based on relatability between the audience and a brand, companies are constantly trying new ways to stay relevant digitally. Today, we’re going to take a look at five such strategies that are doing amazingly well in 2023.

  • Augmented Reality Installations: One of the biggest trends that marketing agencies are taking full advantage of is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. One of the best ways to stand out in the marketing world today is to leverage the technologies to introduce interesting advertising in public spaces. For instance, bus stops in New York and London had an installation with a lifelike tiger walking through the streets. Not only did this brand create waves in the news, but it also generated a newfound interest among the audience visiting such installations just to experience it for themselves. AR/VR advertising is an immersive experience to help marketers establish an emotional bond with the audience. Unlike banners or posters, AR advertisements are lifelike and interactive.

Additionally, data collection through AR installations can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences and inform future marketing strategies.

  • Influencer Marketing: Who would have thought that social media influencers would become the hallmark of every marketing campaign based online? In the last ten years, influencers or social media personalities with millions of followers have created a niche for themselves, becoming an integral element of digital marketing. Brands that want to advertise their products and services often collaborate with local and popular influencers to bring attention to their company. This could look like launch parties with influencers invited to try the products, sponsorships, giveaway partnerships and product range collaborations.

Influencer marketing can benefit various fashion, beauty, and lifestyle companies. Brands in those industries can leverage an influencer’s personal style and aesthetic to showcase their product in a relatable and organic way, reaching a larger audience. Additionally, you can tailor influencer marketing to reach specific target audiences through micro- influencers, who have a smaller following but a highly engaged community.  

However, it’s important to note that influencer marketing also has challenges. The cost of collaborations with popular influencers can be high, and ensuring that the influencer is a good fit for the brand or product is essential. Recently, fraud influencers and fake followers have been a concern, so it’s vital to research and verify the influencer’s authenticity before partnering with them.

  • Text Marketing: Text marketing, also known as SMS (short message service) marketing, is a form of digital marketing that involves sending promotional or informative text messages to customers via their mobile devices. The messages can be sent to many people simultaneously, making it an effective way for businesses to reach their target audience. It has a high open rate since people are likelier to read a text message than an email. One company that does this effectively is Drop Cowboy
  • Blogger Outreach: The blogger outreach strategy has always been an important aspect of content marketing, but has gained even more importance today. As Google keeps emphasizing the necessity to have a-grade content backing up brands to get backlinks and better SEO ratings, a blogger outreach campaign ensures that powerful collaborators and writers are brought on board to do this job. In return, you receive increased site traffic, stellar conversion rates, greater visitor retention and more people down the sales funnel.
  • Metaverse Spaces: This is still relatively new to the world of marketing but has become a big aspect of SEO strategies in 2022. The Metaverse and SEO is something we’re very excited to explore in this article since it is also deeply linked with the future of SERPs. Creating a virtual space for everything, a marketplace is inevitable in this project by Meta. Collaborating with major brands, the advertising space, installations and even launching fun NFTs are some new promotional strategies that we’re observing. As it is yet in the development stages, there’s still a long road ahead!
  • Social Media Marketing: Social platforms were a way for millennials to share their quirky sense of humour and life events in the 2010s. Today they have quickly transformed from Rage Comics, reels, and illustrations to a full-on marketing tactic. Today, companies have social media marketing segments and departments that are a highly lucrative career for those who love making relatable content!

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