Will Fastiggi

Will Fastiggi

Originally from England, Will is an Upper Primary Coordinator now living in Brazil. He is passionate about making the most of technology to enrich the education of students.

How Digital Technologies Can Help You Overcome Writing Challenges

Writing 1

Digital technologies have made life easier in recent years, and as we’ve seen progress in fields like manufacturing and health care, writing hasn’t been left out either. Through the power of artificial intelligence, automation, and other tech-powered solutions, digital technology…

5 Reasons To Enforce Key Rotation

Encryption-key for security

In the world of cybersecurity, key rotation is a hot topic. But what is key rotation? This article will discuss the importance of key rotation and some potential drawbacks to not rotating your keys properly. What Is Key Rotation? Key…

Effective Learning Support in Schools


One of the key responsibilities of schools is to make reasonable adjustments to their educational provision so as to provide increased access of learning for students with special educational needs and / or disabilities (SEND).  This is part of a…

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