I’m a Small Business – Can I Use Digital Signage? 

Displaying video or multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes, digital signage is everywhere.

Digital signs are so cheap these days that even regular householders can use them. Pop one on the wall in the kitchen and it can run everything from online schedules to Netflix for the kids. You do not have to opt for a super expensive outdoor digital sign, or even a free-standing sign, you can buy a cheap and simple one and put it on your wall. You can even go cheaper than that and buy a cheap TV and use it as a digital sign. Your small business size and your small budget isn’t a problem because digital signs and their related software are so cheap these days.

What About Installing The Digital Signs?


In most cases, it is a plug-and-play situation. You may have a TV or sign that connects to the Internet, which means you can stream content. It isn’t ideal, streaming your content, especially since it may lag or go down if your Internet is interrupted. Nevertheless, it is cheap and easy. 

If you want to go a little more advanced, then you can have something like an Apple TV or Android TV running your digital sign made by www.risevision.com. Setting up is easy because most of it is plug-and-play, and there is no need for added electrical installations. This is because installing is not that different from adding a new TV to your wall, counter, shelf or sign stand.

What About Running the Devices?

In terms of average cost, they are as inexpensive to run as a TV is to run. When it comes to the digital software to run your videos and PowerPoint presentations, then that is pretty cheap and easy-to-use too. For example, there are programs out there like KitCast that allow you to run your signs remotely. This means you decide what you want to run from your computer, and it travels over the Internet and tells your signs what to display and when to display it. 

What About Content Creation?

This is a tricky one, but it is no different to making adverts or demonstration videos for Rumble or YouTube. You don’t even need to make videos, you can make static poster images and then have them switch every few minutes to show something else. You can tailor your content to where you are going to put your signs. For example, you can have flashy and moving things for signs in your window, and slower moving creative content for in-store demonstrations and promotions.

If you wish, you can learn something like Blender or Inkscape, and you can create your own videos and graphic images. Or, you can have somebody else create content for you. If you are using the KitCast digital sign software, then you can use the Kitcast content creation tools.

What About Maintenance?

They need maintaining as often as a regular TV needs maintaining. The only thing that differs is that you will have to update your Kitcast software and perhaps your streaming software from time-to-time. But, this is no different to updating your phone or tablet device. If your device is in a high traffic area where it may get damaged, then put a piece of very clear Perspex plastic over the screen to protect it.

What About Return on Investment?

You can use your signs to save money or make money. You can have them save you money by removing tasks from staff members. If people keep asking staff where certain items are, or keep asking which items need which products, then you can place a digital sign in that general area and have that tell people what they need to know. On the other hand, your sign can create new sales and interest by promoting your items and services. You can demonstrate your items and services, or perhaps review and compare them in your short videos. Try to keep them short because you don’t want people standing around in your store or business for too long.

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Will Fastiggi

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