7 of the best gadgets to make driving safer

When driving, safety must always be top priority; you need to think of your safety, the safety of other motorists on the road, and of course – the pedestrians. Nowadays, there exists a great number of smart devices which help to make the driving process both more comfortable and safe.


The level of safety while driving a car is influenced not only by the driver and the car but also by road conditions. The quality of roads directly affects the quality of driving. According to the Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum for 2021, the UAE occupies the first position in the road quality index. It is the reason why in such big cities as Abu Dhabi and Dubai you can notice a large number of luxury and sports cars.

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1. A car radar detector is a device that picks up police radar signals and notifies the driver about them. The device will be useful not only for driving at high speeds fans but even for responsible motorists who always need a warning about the dangerous situation on the road. Very often the phone replaces maps, so it is important to have a charger in the car.

car radar detector

2.  This thing seems obvious, but without a charger, we are helpless in the modern world, especially if the phone runs out at the very moment of the journey.

car phone charger

3.  Another device for the phone is a phone mount. It will free your hands, so you don’t need to be distracted to answer the call and get the phone out of your bag when you are driving. Your attention will remain focused on the road, which will significantly increase your safety.

car phone mount

4.  While traveling outside the city, far from populated areas and busy highways, the car can always stall. And there probably won’t be anyone around to help. In such cases, the battery charger will be the best device that will help start the engine.

car battery charger

5.  A digital video recorder should be in every car. After all, this device allows you to continuously record what is happening on the road. It will be your evidence in resolving various arguments: traffic violations, accidents, etc. Most often a record from the registrar is required if the owner has become a participant or a witness of an accident.

car camera

6.  It is crucial to monitor tire pressure because on the way fuel consumption increases due to loose wheels. You can measure the pressure using a car tire pressure gauge.  The data gleaned from this device will help the driver to quickly understand whether he should pump up the wheels or not.

tire pressure measurement

7.  For lovers of parties or going to the bars with friends on Fridays, it is recommended to have a breathalyser in the car to help identify the level of alcohol in the body and show the degree of intoxication. To do this, the gadget will analyse the air that a person exhales and tell him whether he should get behind the wheel. Such self-control will at least help to avoid a fine for drunk driving, and at most, it will prevent an accident. Such a precaution will never be superfluous.



If after reading this article you have noticed the absence of any devices in your car then think about buying them.  As well as keeping you safe, such devices can be good presents for car owners.


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