5 surprising things your smartphone can do

Many of us have smartphones, but we underuse them. There are certain built-in functionalities in iPhones and Android phones that make life even easier than we thought.

So, whether yours is an iPhone or Android, here are some pretty incredible and surprising things your smartphone can do:


1. Search for metals!

If you’re the type of person who often forgets where you left the keys, this feature could prove useful.

To use the feature, download one of many free metal detector apps on your iPhone or Android device. This app employs the phone’s built-in magnetometer, used for detecting the orientation of things like a compass.

Once you have your metal detector app installed, simply point the camera, and you’d be surprised at the way it detects metal objects!


2. Turn it into a remote control

How amazing would it be if you could warm up your car while lying on your couch? Surprise, surprise, that’s something your smartphone can actually do. Simply download an app called Viper SmartStart. This feature works pretty much like a remote control for your vehicle. You can start your car, unlock the doors and trunk, and even locate where it’s parked.

However, you may need extra hardware and a subscription to enjoy the functionality fully.

Several other third-party apps can help you turn your Android or Apple smartphone into an all-in-one remote control for your TV, AC, DVD player, name it.


3. Monetize your data

App monetization simply involves the collection of data for use by companies to improve the quality of their products or services.  The more information that companies can glean from their customers, in fact, the more revenue they can generate – which is why personal data is highly prized.  Many people ask, “how do I monetize my data” without knowing they can do it simply by downloading an app like Tapestri on their smartphone. The app will work in the background, and you earn while using your smartphone as you normally would. No surveys, no purchases; just do your thing.

The app works by understanding your device location data (whether you’re at the grocery store or at the gas station, etc.) as you move throughout your day. It collects and pays you for this information while keeping you anonymous. Your name, email, and all other personal information you input on sign-up are encrypted and never shared. Only data about your location activity is what you give away (or rather, sell).

You can also refer your friends to get more bonus, and you receive payment on the 15th of every month.

It’s your data, so why not get paid for using it?


4. Grow in size x10

Did you know your smartphone can grow in size by ten? Well, not literally. Imagine playing a game or streaming a football match on your phone and wishing your screen were larger. Well, it could be. How?

Have you noticed the Cast or Wireless Display on your Android phone? That’s how.

Your iPhone would typically come with an AirPlay feature that lets you transfer its display to a supported TV. You could also use a USB cord or HDMI adapter to connect your phone with a TV or monitor for bigger viewing.


5. Split your phone screen

Hold up! Don’t grab the hammer yet!

No, this isn’t about striking your phone screen open. It’s about opening and viewing multiple apps on your screen at once. It’s a useful feature that modern smartphones come with to help you multitask efficiently, especially when you have substantial RAM space.

On iPhones, all you have to do is drag the second app from the toolbar upon the first. For Android devices, learn how to use the split-screen functionality.


Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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