21st Century Boys

21st Century Boys by Sue Palmer
21st Century Boys by Sue Palmer

A few of years ago I attended a teacher training session in London called ‘21st Century Boys’.  The training was delivered by Sue Palmer and based on insights gleaned from her book, 21st Century Boys: How modern life is driving them off the rails and how we can get them back on track.  I feel that it is relevant to mention here because so many of the societal influences that Sue Palmer discusses in her book and talked about during the training course, are wrapped up in changes brought about by technology.  As Technology for Learners is about getting the most out of technology to enrich the education of our students, it is worth remembering that a balance is also needed.  According to Sue Palmer, the 21st century lifestyle is particularly damaging for boys because of the growing discrepancy between instinctive male behaviour and the demands of modern life.

I therefore include here a PowerPoint that I put together for teachers and parents, which explores these insights in more detail and makes suggestions for how a more balanced upbringing can be achieved.  The YouTube videos that accompany this PowerPoint can also be found below.





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Will Fastiggi

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