Top 4 Photo Editors for Beginners 

Are you at the beginning of your photo editing journey, or do you want a super simple program to avoid tedious tutorials and guides? Then don’t download anything complicated just yet! We are going to show you a couple of easy-to-use photo editors that even a total beginner can master. In this post, you’ll find the best photo editing software for beginners that you can install on your PC and smartphone, or even use online. So let’s see which program will help you create truly engaging educational materials for your students.

1. Adobe Express

We all know Adobe products as programs for a professional use, but they also offer a handy photo editor for beginners – Adobe Express. It’s a cloud-based platform where you can design posters for your classrooms, create worksheets, and edit the pictures you’re going to use in the class – resize the image, crop the photo, remove the background and replace it with another, add captions, and convert files to popular formats like PDF, PNG and JPG. Besides, there are tons of customizable templates that will help you create your first designs. 

2. PhotoWorks

If you’re not a big fan of online programs or you’re concerned about privacy risks, then go for PhotoWorks. The user-friendly photo editor for Windows doesn’t require an Internet connection and suits both newbies and pros. Not only does it make basic adjustments, but it also offers pro-level features that will surely come in handy in teaching. For instance, PhotoWorks has a batch processing feature that will be useful if you are preparing a group of photos for a thematic project where all photos should be processed in the same style. What’s more, the photo editor for beginners allows you to enhance the quality of a picture with various sharpening tools, apply filters, add your comments, and change the size of the image to fit the screen you’re going to use – 16:9 HD, 4:3 iPad, 2.17:1 iPhone X, and so on.  

3. Pixlr

Prefer editing on the go? Then don’t hesitate to try Pixlr, one of the best photo editors for beginners that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. In this mobile app, you can put captions in photos in different text styles, compile images into a collage, sharpen a low-quality picture, crop photos, and more. There’s also a pixelating feature that will be useful for concealing unnecessary areas in the pictures you’re preparing for your classes. So if you want to edit a photograph in a couple of taps, Pixlr might be a suitable option for you.

4. Canva

Pressed for time? Then Canva can be the best choice. It’s an online graphic design platform that lets you quickly create posters, calendars, planners, and so on. Although there are limited capabilities for manual editing, in Canva, you can design your educational materials by adding graphical elements or images, putting captions in various styles, applying effects, etc. But the program is also well-known for the huge library of countless customizable templates it offers for educational purposes such as presentations, classroom announcements, storyboard activities, posters, agendas, and more. 

Concluding thoughts…

In this post, we introduced the best photography editing software for beginners that can be used to create designs for various educational purposes. Believe us, you don’t need any previous experience in photo editing to fix your pictures in the programs we showed you – they are extremely easy to use. To choose the right one, ask yourself what exactly you need the program for – to perfect your pictures for classes, try PhotoWorks or Pixlr, but if you want to use ready-made templates, you can go for online platforms like Canva or Adobe Express. Would you like to see other options? Follow the link and find more photo editing software for beginners

Now what are you waiting for? Go ahead and design the coolest worksheets and presentations to wow your students today! 

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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