3 Best Slideshow Makers for Windows 11

New versions of operating systems are undoubtedly getting more advanced and powerful. At the same time, they create some challenges, namely, whether the programs I am used to or want to try out, especially highly specialized ones like slideshow makers, run on it?

Presentation is an excellent visual tool for making information more understandable and accessible. That’s why slideshows are becoming more and more popular in classrooms.

Want to know how to make a slideshow on Windows 11 quickly and easily without the popular PowerPoint program? In this article, we’ve listed the top 3 slideshow-creating programs for teachers and students who are looking for convenient software to make professional-quality presentations on the newest Windows version. If you want to know about some other best slideshow apps for Windows 11, then follow this link. So let’s get started!

PTE AV Studio

PTE AV Studio is the first slideshow maker for Windows 11 on our rating list. This powerful yet user-friendly software is equipped with basic tools and options for easy operation and comes with 125+ slide styles, themes, and transition effects for creating animated presentations in a snap. Output formats also vary – you can upload your presentation as a video directly to YouTube, save it in HD or 4K, or back it up in ZIP. A significant downside of this software is the lack of templates. Without them, it takes a considerable amount of time to create a stunning presentation. Plus, the price is quite high in comparison to the two programs mentioned below.

SmartSHOW 3D

The next slideshow creation program on our list is SmartSHOW 3D. This comprehensive software with an intuitive interface is an ideal option for teachers who don’t want to spend hours mastering the program. You can record voice comments to make your project more engaging and use integrated tools for adjusting the volume and creating fade-ins and fade-outs. It comes with 700+ ready-made templates and effects for the hassle-free creation of presentations in a matter of minutes, and 180+ transitions for smooth switches between slides. The program also has extensive export options, letting you save your slideshows in any format you need. The only drawback is the watermark in the free trial version.

AquaSoft Photo Vision

AquaSoft Photo Vision is another best slideshow maker for Windows 11. This robust software comes with 250+ effects and transitions, 190+ text styles, and an impressive collection of templates for making all kinds of handy presentations. It has voice recording and volume adjusting tools to voiceover your creations effortlessly. Plus, the timeline is quite useful since it lets you break down enormous projects into manageable chapters and subchapters. The program also has a Chroma Key tool for replacing the background in a jiff. Sadly, it is quite expensive and comes without a built-in music library.

Concluding thoughts…

As you can see, your options are quite diverse, but if you are still in doubt about selecting the correct tool, we have some pieces of advice for you. If you need the Chroma Key feature for recording your comments for students, choose AquaSoft Photo Vision. Want to create presentations in high resolution? Then PTE AV Studio is right for you. And if your aim is to make outstanding slideshows on both basic and professional levels effortlessly, opt for SmartSHOW 3D. The choice is now yours!

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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