The employee experience: why is it so important? 

For many successful organisations, people are recognised as their greatest assets, so they spend time and resources refining the employee experience for their staff. But what exactly is it and how can it affect your business? Here is our guide to the employee experience and why a good one is essential: 

What is the employee experience? 

The employee experience is a collection of experiences that staff have with their organisation and can include anything from interactions to impressions and emotions. It begins right from an employee’s first day and will define how somebody feels working at your company. 

According to the 2022 Employee Experience Guide, a positive and immersive employee experience needs: 

  • An environment that facilitates learning and reaching their full potential 
  • A diverse workforce with inclusive leaders 
  • Learning how to develop as professionals
  • Find purpose and meaning in their career 
  • Feel a sense of belonging and purpose 
  • Feel valued and cared for 

Why is it important? 

Improving the employee experience has picked up momentum since the years of the COVID pandemic and it’s a good thing too. Research shows that happy workers make thriving businesses, with factors like a sense of belonging and purpose being bigger drivers of happiness in the workplace than pay.  

This will help your organisation retain and attract staff and keep your employees engaged with your business. Keeping your employee experience at a high quality means you’ll also get more out of your staff as they are better motivated and more productive. 

How to create a good employee experience

Many parts move together to create a rewarding employee experience, so you need to consider every stage of it. This includes recruitment, onboarding, development, and offboarding. Each one is a crucial element of an individual’s journey at your organisation, and you need to ensure staff is treated properly throughout each step. 

A good work environment is another essential aspect of creating a good employee experience. Designing a comfortable space where staff is encouraged to collaborate and mingle together can help boost that sense of belonging and feeling valued.  Equipment like air conditioning units like those from RS and ergonomic chairs are great for creating a space that is supportive both physically and mentally. 

Employee experience tools you can use

Installing communication tools can make your job easier when it comes to covering all the bases of the employee experience. This includes software and apps like Microsoft Teams, which allows for constant communication between teams and colleagues, and an HR page, where employees can quickly access benefits and support. 

Also, providing clear and concise access to financial information such as payslips and wages can make employees feel more in control and valued. 

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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