Innovative Trends in Bathroom Technology: 5 Smart Bathroom Design Ideas to Consider in 2023

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Are you a tech lover who wants to have the latest gadgets everywhere in the home, including the bathroom? You’re not alone – smart home technology has exploded in popularity over the last decade. Many homeowners who seek to make their living more convenient or secure are leveraging the bathroom tech revolution to realize their dream homes.

And there are several reasons why smart bathrooms look great for the future of bathroom design. Besides being practical and captivating, smart technologies save energy and reduce a home’s carbon footprint. They also save time and help avoid potential harm from accidents or contamination.

5 Smart Bathroom Design Ideas to Consider in 2023

Check out these five smart bathroom tech designs to take your home to a different level of lush and class.

1. Smart Bathroom Scales

Like a magic mirror, smart scales connect to other smart gadgets in the home. However, the primary function of smart bathroom scales is to help you measure your body measurements against other regimens like exercise and diet history from your smartwatch.

Fortunately, smart bathroom scales are relatively cheaper compared to several other smart bathroom devices. Wondering how to get one or other similar bathroom gadgets? Please check out the Letta London bathroom showroom for a list of trendy bathroom gadgets and devices to try in 2023.

In some bathroom scale models, you can save your information in a document and share them easily with your healthcare professional. That way, you and your medical professional can closely monitor your health to keep you safe and healthy all year round.

2. Smart ‘Magic’ Mirrors

Smart bathroom mirrors are essentially waterproof TVs that help you watch TV or send virtual commands – while having fun in the bathroom. Also called an interactive LED mirror, a smart mirror can help you know about the weather, traffic, or the latest news in real time. Less-sophisticated magic mirrors let you play your favorite music or charge your devices using a USB port.

In more complex models, smart mirrors go a step further to help you access ‘how-to’ videos online to aid your routines or master a favorite makeup. Additionally, some magic mirrors receive voice commands that offer a range of functions – including ordering a meal, taking a selfie, and more – all while soaking in the bathtub and getting ready for the day.

That’s not all. Some magic mirrors can connect with other smart gadgets in the home. This feature lets you communicate with other devices in the home in case you’re in a hurry and can’t wait till bathroom time ends. For instance, you can ‘command’ your oven through the magic mirror to start warming in preparation for a baking session. So much in one piece of bathroom gadget!

3. AI-Based Washer and Dryer

AI has also found its way into the washer and dryer technology. Modern washers and dryers can assure you of one thing – much more laundry in much less time. These stylish washers and dryers let you adjust their settings or washing cycle remotely without leaving your comfort zone. 

Smart washers and dryers let you automatically detect how much detergent is necessary, schedule off-peak cycles, and more. In the end, you’ll have not only a smart dryer that gifts comfort and class to your home, but also a device that helps you get things done in record time. Your AI-enabled smart dryer and washer will save you time, money, and reduce your overall carbon footprint. Talk about a device that does it all.

4. Smart Bathroom Toilet Techs

Perhaps the most popular feature of smart toilet technology is that they automatically flush after use. Your toilet is also far-less and likely to overflow with smart tech that automatically detects water levels in the equipment.

Smart toilets also self-clean and automatically control toilet seat temperature, so you don’t bump into a harsh ‘cold’ or ‘hot’ seat during extreme weather. Like most modern bathroom gadgets, smart bathrooms come in smaller bathrooms, so they’re valuable in smaller-sized bathrooms.

Concluding thoughts…

Alexa smart home gadgets have already helped many people take a peep into the world of automated houses. However, you can take your bathroom tech dreams further by introducing additional popular designs into your space. Regardless of your bathroom theme, you can’t go wrong with the innovative suggestions and ideas in this list.

These modern bathroom designs are exciting and practical ideas promising to make your home ‘smarter’ and, of course, more comfortable. Though they might be a little pricey, hi-tech bathroom design ideas are worth the price. Besides their practicality and luxury, innovative bathroom technology also saves lots of energy and time, which makes them great for you, your family – and the planet!

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