The Best Self-help Apps

In today’s day and age, when the fast-paced world is over so overwhelming, it is important to spend some time on yourself. Whether it is a physical activity tracker or your mindfulness reminder, having a check on your well-being is crucial. As defined by research, self-help is any activity or activity that helps you engage and improve your health. This includes promoting and enhancing your health and prohibiting any activity that poses a danger to your wellness. 

Apart from spiritual and psychological or physical activities, things that also count as self-help include eating clean, maintaining a healthy sleep cycle, thankfulness, healthy breathing, meditation, and more. Thanks to technology, most of these self-help activities are available in the form of mobile phone apps. 

However, if you’re also looking to manage your wellness and need some help to keep you on track, worry not. We have come up with a list of the best apps that will help you focus on your wellness.

Before you hop on downloading the new self-help app, make sure you have a fast and reliable internet like Windstream that will ensure that your self-help journey is smooth and consistent.

Why is Self-help important?

Self-help is important as it helps you feel productive from the inside. Having a negative outlook on life is very damaging as it hinders your growth and destroys your self-esteem. If you’re negative from within, you will find negativity in everything that comes your way, making you create walls and boundaries which can be very toxic for yourself and your loved ones. 

To make sure that you are not hurting people around you or inhibiting your own growth, you need a way to keep a check on your personal wellness. The good news is, there are dedicated apps that will help you in the process. So without any further ado, let us look at some of the best self-help apps!

1.   Shleep

Shleep is a great app to help you set up your healthy sleeping pattern. This app tracks your sleeping time and helps you fall asleep according to your schedule. By rating your sleep, Shleep helps you find out how productive your nap was. In case you’re restless during sleep, the app tracks down your patterns and helps you overcome them by teaching you the right sleeping habits and techniques. 

Shleep learns about you and your sleep cycle and within a few days, identifies the problems you face while you’re asleep that disturb and disrupt your sleep. If you’re looking to fix that nighttime irritation, Shleep is your go-to self-help app.

2.   Loosid

Having somewhat of a drinking problem? Do not worry. Loosid is for shabby drinkers who are looking to cut down on their alcohol intake. By connecting you with like-minded people who are going through the same dilemma, Loosid creates a digital support group so you can connect and relate with other people to feel normal. 

Sober people also join the app who have been through the same process help drinkers by providing support and help through their example. You can say goodbye to bad habits to hello to new sober friends!

3.   Calm

A lot of people deal with anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Some people find it too hard to cope with anxiety or what to do in a panicking situation. Calm is a great app that helps you find the calm in anxious times. By offering meditations on topics such as stress, sleeping, forgiveness, gratitude, anxiety, and more, this app gives you a pep talk to take you out of your stress. 

Calm offers 25-minute-long motivational sessions that are like your personal self-therapy to help you deal with such issues. It is definitely a great app if you think you do not have time or energy for a face-to-face therapy session. 

4.   Day One

Want to reflect on yourself and process your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis? Journaling is the answer to your problem. Day One lets you record your feeling and thoughts on your phone, so while you’re writing down you also process what is going on within your mind. 

Journaling is quite therapeutic for a lot of people. Day One is specifically designed in a very visually appealing way to enhance a feeling of calmness and security so you feel comfortable expressing your thoughts. You can add your pictures along with notes that stay saved in your journal that you can also come back to later to see how you’ve been feeling lately.

5.   Lumosity

Need an app to just chill at the end of the day? This cute game-like app will take your mind off your day and the upcoming day, and whatever is bothering you. Sometimes, you just need some distraction to help you stay sane. This app is here just to hold you in a warm hug before you doze off to sleep. 

With a number of games including puzzles, memory games, logic problems, and meditation techniques, luminosity is your go-to nighttime app!


Maintaining your mental and physical wellness is very important in order to keep you sane during times of distress and uncertainty. We hope you like our list of self-help apps. Most of these apps are available on Samsung and Apple Playstore. Happy self-care!  

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