Maximizing Your Potential: How to Leverage eLearning to Boost Your Business Skills

The business world will always be competitive, that’s part of the thrill and reward that comes with success. Whether you own, run, or are an employee of a business, keeping yourself sharp and up to date on various business skills is essential to maintaining a healthy business. As a result, eLearning platforms are gradually becoming more popular. 

USA Today recently reported that about 20% of businesses actually survive their first year, so what sorts out the successful from the not? While there are many factors involved, it would be easy to see that those people and businesses with employees who are well equipped to manage and navigate the constant fluctuations will fare better than those who only have a handful of skills. 

While there will never be a single way to ensure the success of a business, choosing to maintain your education in various ways will certainly help. When considering the astounding rate that technology and societies change nowadays, it is important for people in business to refine their abilities that they can take into professional situations. In fact, the awareness of this concept has become so popular that the online learning market passed $315 billion dollars as an industry, and, according to a survey by Global Market Insights, this market is projected to grow by another 20% by the year 2028. 

So, with all that in mind, here are some suggestions for reasons and skills that can be accessed through digital learning to boost your business skill set. 

Google Suite Master

Nearly everyone uses a Google service at least a few times a week. Whether that comes in the form of a navigational app on a smartphone or creating a spreadsheet, Google has created a slew of software that helps to maintain its place as a powerful, efficient, and helpful service in the world today. Their Google Suite has many applications to use from calendars, to documents, presentations, or video meetings, they very likely have the app for that. 

Additionally, the popularity of their services is such that many employers actually make a point of asking about potential hires’ experience with the software. Being able to add that confidently to your resume not only looks good but is a boost of confidence when it comes to being able to deliver as an employee. 

A less known fact about Google’s services is that business owners and employees can learn applicable skills through online content on the Grow with Google platform. While the self-paced learning courses that offer certificates are not free (some even require monthly subscriptions), these courses are developed in partnership with other learning companies like Coursera, as well as colleges and universities. That adds even more clout to the learning you’re investing in. 

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot is another major player in the business world. Their CRM service is not only affordable, but loaded with various features to enhance your business like their sales pipeline, automated email marketing, advertising methods,  and dashboard features. They also have a very helpful support service that can guide or direct any user to articles that will help anyone learn how to navigate the features. 

On top of all that, they offer what’s called their Hubspot Academy, which goes more in depth into generalized business skills like marketing, time management, and sales tips. Being that this service is used by millions of users, it is also another great set of skills and a notable name to add to your resume. 


This is one of the companies that recognized a while ago that the interest and growing demand for eLearning was important. On edX, business owners, entrepreneurs, students, and professionals alike can enroll in free online courses that are hosted by some of the top universities worldwide. With over 3,600 courses to choose from and 160 different schools, there is something for everyone in any field. 

It should be remembered though that these courses are not-for-profit, but some do offer certificates. Got a new project coming up that you know is just a bit outside your experience, a single class may be enough to set you up for success. 

LinkedIn Learning

The name stands out in the business world as one of the foremost platforms for networking, but did you know that they also offer an online video education library that offers hundreds of courses on foundational topics? The courses are taught by a variety of experts, authors, and educators. While the LinkedIn Learning service is not free, most valuable resources are worth the investment. 

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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