The Best Educational Apps for Students

Smartphones were once considered a distraction for students. But considering the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile applications have converted smartphones into personal virtual classrooms. A lot of organisations specialised in making apps, have been releasing tons of educational applications that make it convenient for students to be more engaged with school. Here are some of the best educational apps for students to make studying at home both interesting and fun:

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free education programme that may be used by students and instructors alike. Khan Academy provides practice problems, video tutorials, and a personalised learning dashboard, allowing students to study at their own rate.  This learning software aids in the discovery of educational materials for most core subjects such as math, science, writing, reading and others. There are over 4,000 videos courses for you to choose from, whether to watch it from the website or by downloading them to later viewing.  Kindly check this particular Khan Academy review by professional instructor for thorough details and insights.

Google Classroom

A lot of schools have started to shift towards G Suite For Education, especially Google Classroom for a more convenient learning. This app does not only allow teachers to assign and mark the tasks that have been submitted, it also can be used to organise every resource on Google Drive. Apart from that, teachers are also able to communicate with students easily, whether it’s about giving information or simply inviting them to debate about a topic with their classmates.

Google classroom also features ‘Student Selector’ where it allows the teachers to randomly choose students from the list. This feature helps to encourage students to have a more complete classroom involvement, and at the same time increasing engagement between each other. This app is available to be accessed on all devices including laptop, smartphones or tablets.


If you are planning to make use of the time at home by learning other languages, then Duolingo is a great place to get started. The app offers over 100 language courses. The best part is that the app is completely free to use, and you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs or in-app purchases as they are optional. This app is both efficient and entertaining, making it more fun for you to learn new languages without having to pay a single cent for the classes.


Remind App

Collaborative learning is an effective method for students to fill in their skills gap. Some students prefer learning with others rather than studying alone as that would boost their studying mood.  However, gathering a group of students under one roof to study together may not always be feasible especially during this pandemic. That is where the Remind app comes in handy. Remind can help students to remain in touch with their school community.

The app also allows students to receive frequent updates on any given school activities based on their own special class code.  Remind may also be used to contact an entire class, exchange images and materials, submit homework, and answer uncertainties with classmates.


This app has been developed by The National Science Foundation (NSF) themselves. It’s designed specifically for tablet to display complex scientific, engineer news photos and videos for kids. Every information that can be read on the app is genuine, high-quality, and updated once a week. The NSF also creates the content, which is acquired from scientists and institutions across the globe. Kids can enjoy 3D photos from every aspect thanks to the unique 360-degree perspective.


Photomath app

Another great educational application for students is Photomath. Mathematics is known to be one of the perplexing topics for many children due to the complicated calculations, or that the notion is too abstract. But now anybody can learn how to answer complicated mathematical problems with the help of Photomath.

The way to use the app is straightforward. All you have to do is to snap a photo of the question, after that, the app will automatically study it and guide you on how to solve it with step-by-step video tutorials. You can also find multiple approaches on tackling the same issue, with active graphs, and animated instructions. The app features a scientific calculator, which can be used even with the absence of the internet.

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