Stay Connected to your Network – Tips to Boost Cellular Signal

Have you ever heard the question – “How many bars do you have?”

Cell phone signals have become essential these days. It doesn’t just affect your ability to make phone calls, it also lets you send text messages and connect to the Internet while you’re away from your WiFi.  

Knowing the tricks to boost your signal can be vital – let’s take a look:

  • Reboot the Cellular Radio: 

Chances are that your phone’s poor signal is to do with it failing to connect with a cell tower. It is worth first trying ti simply turn the Airplane Mode on/off – and, of that does not work, restarting your phone.  

  • Change your Location: 

Tall buildings and certain materials inside the walls of buildings may block your phone signal. Try moving to a different spot or walking towards higher ground.  

  • Install a signal booster 

 If you live in an area of poor service coverage, make sure to install a signal booster. A Mobile Phone Booster helps improve your cellular signal and provides a usable signal. 

  • Get Rid of the Phone Case

It may well be that actually your phone’s case is interfering with your cellular signal. Therefore, if you’ve recently bought a new case, and you begin to notice a  drop in the signal, it is worth changing the case!

  • Take Note of the Coverage Map

Did you know that all the significant carriers publish coverage maps for checking if you’re in an area of limited coverage or no coverage? Now that you do, check your mobile’s coverage map to see if this could be the issue.  

  • Update the Carrier’s Settings

 I you have an iPhone, it is likely your cell phone provider has updated the settings. If you do come across these changes, it is wise to update the carrier settings so that you’re able to reap the benefits.  

 For checking the settings, ensure having a good internet connection – whether on WiFi or using cellular data. Now start the Settings app, tap on General, and then Go to the About section. Make sure to install the suggested and available updates.  

  • Never Let your Device Battery Run Low

If your device’s battery runs critically low, your cellular phone may enter a low power mode automatically. This can transfer power away from the cellular radio.  

Therefore, if you’re having trouble in establishing a connection, make sure to charge your phone. You can also lower your screen brightness and disable any apps that might be running in the background.





Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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