Showcasing “Unplugged” Activities with Padlet

During our e-learning period, every Friday, Milepost 3 students participate in a day of practical IPC projects.  Oftentimes, these projects are what might be referred to as “unplugged” activities, as they are an opportunity for children to work away from the computer screen.  Unplugged activities provide children with hands-on, kinesthetic activities that help to make the concepts they are learning easier to understand.

In Class 3, for example, children have been continuing to learn about the ancient Greeks for our IPC unit, The Great, Bold & Brave.  In order to help children understand more about ancient Greek theatre and culture, we asked children to build replicas of the theatre masks used during this ancient Greek period.  This activity, in particular, to build replica masks, was great fun while helping to fuel children’s interest and understanding of ancient Greek history.  After completing their masks, the children sent in pictures of their creations and many children also uploaded these images, of them wearing a Greek theatre mask, to their class’s Padlet page.

Greek mask

Padlet, incidentally, is a brilliant platform for enabling students to showcase, share and make comments on photos of their work.  This video below shows how you can setup a Padlet for your class or multiple classes:

Likewise, as part of Class 4’s IPC unit, Fairgrounds, children have been busy getting involved in a range of different science experiments using simple household materials.  The most colourful of these experiments have involved practical investigations, to better understand how light and rainbows work!  Among the most exciting of these activities, children have been building light spectrum spinners, growing rainbows in cups of water, making kaleidoscopes and producing rainbow paper.  For each practical investigation completed, children have been expected to record and upload videos, which explain the science behind their creations.

Growing rainbows

In all such practical activities, teachers are flexible, providing several different options in terms of the methods and materials that children may choose from.  We look forward to planning for more practical activities for the end of term!


Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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