Python Lesson Plans

These Python lessons are suitable for upper Key Stage 2 pupils (8 to 11 years old) and introduce them to Python 3, enabling them to write simple programs.  By typing in small chunks of code at a time, children can understand every detail of the programs that they create.  The lessons begin by assuming that the pupils have no prior experience of coding using a scripting language.

Lesson 1 Objectives:

– Navigate IDLE (create, save, run programs)

– Use mathematical operations and print statements

– Declare a variable

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Lesson 2 Objectives:

– Use raw_input() statement

– Use input() statement

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Lesson 3 Objectives:

– Use conditional statements if, elif and else

– Use comparison operators

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Lesson 4 Objectives:

– Consolidate skills from previous lessons to make a text adventure game

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