Is a Police Report Necessary to File a Car Accident Claim?

Police Report

Imagine you are a road accident victim. What is your first thought? Calling the emergency services, right? Doing so will alert the police, and they will immediately come to the accident scene. 

However, it is not always when you get into an accident that you call the police. This is especially true when it is a minor accident. But are there repercussions for not filing a police report? Can you file a car accident claim without a police report? To understand this matter better, you should book an appointment with a car accident attorney.

Keep reading, and we shall highlight the role of car accident lawyers, the advantages of reporting the accident to the police, and what actions you should take if you did not file a police report. 

Importance of Filing a Police Report

The police report is an important document and has the power to affect the outcome of the car accident claim. The police are regarded as trustworthy. Thus, their accident report is admitted by the court. If the report goes hand in hand with the plaintiff’s claim, the plaintiff is guaranteed to receive maximum compensation.

Information contained in the police report that can make or break the plaintiff’s case includes:

  • Driver’s information: Once the police arrive at the accident scene, the first thing they do is take the names, contact information, and insurance details of the parties involved in the accident. 
  • Particulars of the accident: after noting down the drivers’ information, the police shall record the information about the accidents. This includes the place, day, and time the accident occurred. This information is crucial to an auto accident attorney so that they can prove where and when the accident happened. Remember that the plaintiff bears the burden of proof; thus, the lawyer should clearly state all the accident details.
  • Witness statements: The police question the eyewitnesses who saw how the accidents happened. They then take their statements together with the drivers’ statements. A car accident attorney usually relies on these statements to prove the defendant’s liability. 
  • Pictorial evidence: Once police reach the accident scene, they take pictures and videos of the scene. These pictures serve the purpose of backing up the report. 

Police reports are crucial as they contain the details and evidence of the accident, which car accident attorneys can use to prove the defendant’s negligence caused the accident. So what happens to car accidents that do not have police reports? Let us find out.

Car Accident Claims Lacking a Police Report

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Minor car accidents do not necessarily have police reports. Not many people call the police when involved in a minor accident. Do not be alarmed if you do not have a police report to back your accident claim. Instead, you should contact an accident attorney.

It is possible to file a claim, even without filing a police report. However, the lack of evidence can lead to losing the case. If you don’t call 911, make an effort to collect relevant evidence. Collect the contact information of the other party, speak with the witnesses, and take photos and videos of the accident site, your injuries, etc. You can also document your medical and other expenses. 

Medical documents used by the plaintiff should be presented during the accident claim filing. This will help the lawyer recover damages and compensation. Do not wait too long before filing for a car accident claim. Do so within the stipulated time frame of two years.


A police report is not necessary when filing a car accident claim. Though it has its fair share of advantages, the best car accident attorney can successfully file a claim without the report and recover damages for the plaintiff.

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