Ideas For Successfully Launching a New Tech Product

The launch is a crucial time for any tech product, and the initial buzz is often an indicator of how successful the product will be, so it’s vitally important to get the launch of your new tech product right.

Why is the Launch Important?

The launch of a new tech product or service is key as you want to reach as many people as possible, letting them know about your product and making waves in the market to get the maximum exposure possible. So just how can you do this?

Building Anticipation

In order to build anticipation for the launch you need to set an official release date. You should choose this carefully, building in additional time in case of last-minute hold-ups to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day itself. Once you’ve set your release date, you can start promoting your launch. You may want to create PR videos to tease the product to the market or pitch yourself and your product to relevant publications or tech podcasts to create buzz about your new product before its release.

Attending Events

If you want to get your product into the heart of the industry, you’ll want to attend industry events with your product. Use banners to market your company’s stand at the event and use the opportunity to spread awareness of your product, create buzz around its launch, demonstrate how it works and sell units on the day.

Social Media

You should utilise your social media channels to build a sense of anticipation among your existing audience and reach new followers – and potential customers. Try engaging with your audience on stories and you may even want to run contests or a free prize draw for a product. You may also want to do a countdown on social media in the run-up to your product’s launch. If you only have a small or limited audience on your social media channels, you could always choose to collaborate with influencers to extend your reach and engagement.

Customer Service

Customer service is often seen as something which happens after purchase but when launching a new tech product, you should ensure that you already have excellent customer service personnel and procedures in place before its launch. That way you can be sure that your very first customers will receive excellent customer service. Plus, if they have any issues with your product or run into difficulties and need help troubleshooting or learning how to use their new product, you can be on hand to help.

If you’re not prepared for this and your initial customers receive poor customer service, then this may lead to negative reviews early on in your product’s life and give you and your new product a bad reputation which can spread quickly and be difficult – if not impossible – to overcome.

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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