Ian Leaf Shares 7 Ways New Authors can use Technology to Make Money

As a new author, you may be wondering how you can make money while developing your writing career. With the growth of the internet and digital technology, new authors have more opportunities to monetize their work and get paid for their writing. Ian Leaf discusses some ways new authors can utilize technology to make money. 

Sell Your Books Online

One of the most common ways for authors to monetize their work is by selling books online. By setting up an account on a platform such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, authors can quickly and easily reach potential readers worldwide and earn money from sales. When setting up an account, it is essential to thoroughly research all the options available to determine which platform will give you the best return on investment. Some platforms offer higher royalties than others, so it’s important to do your homework before deciding which site to use. 

Create Tutorials or an Online Course

Another excellent way for new authors to supplement their income is by creating online courses or tutorials related to writing or publishing. For example, if you specialize in non-fiction writing, consider making a course that teaches other writers how to craft compelling stories or persuasive research topics. Or, if you are an experienced editor, you could create video tutorials about correctly formatted manuscripts for publication. By marketing these courses and tutorials through your website or social media accounts, you can generate passive income from people who want to learn from your expertise.  

Market Your Books Through Social Media 

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools available for authors looking to promote their books and grow their fan base. Not only does social media allow authors to connect with readers in real-time, but it also provides valuable insights into what type of content resonates with different audiences and allows them to target specific demographics with tailored messaging and promotions. With platforms like Facebook Ads Manager and Twitter Ads Manager, authors can run targeted campaigns explicitly designed for their target audience—a great way for new authors looking to make money from their books!  

Start a Blog With Affiliate Marketing

Starting a blog and utilizing affiliate marketing to sell products is a great way to make money online. Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage the network of existing sites, including your blog, to increase traffic and sales. You can create content around products you are promoting or partner with other businesses for maximum benefit. Not only does this provide an additional source, but it also adds value by building relationships with potential customers and increasing trust in your brand’s reputation. With the right strategy and some hard work, starting a blog with affiliate marketing could be just the career move you need to take your business to the next level.

Create Digital Products 

Digital products are another excellent way for authors to make money through technology. For example, you could create an e-book or audiobook version of one of your works or offer online courses based on writing tips or techniques that you’ve found particularly successful in your work. These products are relatively inexpensive and easy to create compared to physical products. Hence, they’re perfect for new authors who want to start making money immediately without investing too much time or capital into product development. Plus, digital products can reach far more people than physical ones since they are available worldwide anytime!

Set Up a Patreon Account to Receive Donations From Fans

Creating a Patreon account is an excellent way to receive ongoing support from your fans. Instead of a one-time donation, you can develop monthly pledges that show your fans how committed you are to your craft. This gives your patrons confidence that their generosity is making a long-term difference in the growth of your venture. Creating tiered levels of support allows even the smallest contributions to make an impact, so people can get involved with something they feel passionate about without breaking the bank. If you’re serious about meeting your goals and giving back to your supporters, setting up a Patreon account will be invaluable for both sides.

Offer Services 

In addition to creating digital products, new authors can also use technology to offer services such as copywriting or ghostwriting. For example, if you have experience writing articles or blog posts, you could offer those services as a freelancer on sites like Upwork or Fiverr, where clients will pay for written content that meets their needs. This is an excellent way for new authors who may still need to publish more material professionally to make money while still honing their skills and gaining experience in the industry. It also allows them to expand their portfolio without having all of their work published first.

Concluding thoughts…

Ian Leaf says new authors now have more opportunities than ever before when monetizing their work and getting paid for their writing. By taking advantage of technology such as selling books online, creating online courses or tutorials, and marketing through social media platforms, new authors can generate additional income streams that will help support them throughout their writing careers. So don’t hesitate – to start exploring all the opportunities technology has opened up for writers today!

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