How to kick-start a career in Information Technology

With this growth in the Information Technology (IT) industry, the demand for specialised and trained professionals has increased. Students have started considering the IT industry a new career option because of job stability and ever new opportunities.

Here are some key tips to get you started:

1. List your interest and research roles

The IT industry is known for its diversification in the number of specialties available. You need to research the positions with the highest demand and then decide if that position interests you. This will help you narrow down the focus and evaluate your career goals.

2. Learn entry-level IT skills

Learning entry-level skills like JavaScript, Oracle, CompTIA, and HTML will increase your productivity and confidence. You can start by enrolling in a respected IT school and learning entry-level skills to get started with an IT career. You can learn about desk support,  Microsoft Azure fundamentals, wrap your head around the Microsoft domain and learn more about network technologies such as VPN, firewall, etc.. These basic skills will help you in choosing the correct career path in the IT industry.

3. Work on open-source projects

Open-source projects are where the designs are accessible publicly, and people can inspect, modify, enhance and share the design. Open-source projects provide a platform for newcomers to gain experience in coding and building their skill-sets. You can also add these projects to your resume. But before starting an open-source project, research the platforms and decide if you want to contribute to a subsisting project or create a new one.

4. Network

Your career in the IT industry will grow based on your relationships so do your best to find opportunities to network with other IT professionals. Attend seminars and events where you can meet more IT professionals and businesses relevant to the IT industry. By doing this, you can increase the possibility of getting referrals which is crucial in this competitive field. You can acquire leads on such events in business publications and local professional associations.

5. Freelance to gain experience

Freelancing is a great way to gain experience in the respective fields, get paid, and understand technicalities that might arise in the fieldwork. It will also help you build your network, and maybe you end up bagging a permanent job offer from the company while working as a freelancer for them.

6. Create a professional social media page that reflects your interest and passion for technology. Your social media page must depict your professionalism and capabilities to the employers.

7. Strengthen your resume by adding work experiences, certification relevant to your area of expertise, short-term courses, and coding languages.  A CV maker could be useful.

8. Finally, consider getting the degrees and certifications relevant to your preferred area of IT.

Concluding thoughts…

The IT industry is a fast-paced industry where technological changes are taking place constantly. This industry requires you to update your knowledge and keep pace with the breakthroughs. Whether you aim to become a cyber security specialist or ethical hacker, you should embrace as many opportunities as possible through training, education, and networking to prosper in this industry.

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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