How to Create Efficient Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing offers a ton of smart solutions, tools, technologies, and channels to advertise your brand and ensure it never stops growing. With this pool of opportunities, you may feel like you don’t even need a strategy and you can just get going immediately. However, a carefully designed digital marketing strategy will help you achieve better results with less time, money, and energy wasted.

Below, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to create an efficient digital marketing strategy and use it like a professional. Let’s break it down.

●      Examine the Starting Point

The first step you need to take is determining where you currently stand with your digital marketing strategy and online presence, considering the market and your competitors. You need to inspect and analyze the following:

  • – the results of your previous marketing efforts
  • – your current target audience
  • – your biggest competitors

Think about what you previously did, and how it worked out. Use analytics to determine what marketing strategies worked out best for you.

Then, inspect what your competitors are doing online. What platforms are they most active on? Is your target audience on those same platforms?

Once you finish this analysis, you’ll have a better idea of where and how to base your digital marketing strategy.

●      Set Your Goals

Next, you need to decide what you want to achieve with your new strategy and where you want it to lead your business. You should set one major goal and several minor achievements that will help you reach that biggest one.

Here’s an example of a major objective:

  • We want to increase brand awareness.

To achieve this goal, which is considered a primary goal for 48% of marketers, you could set additional minor ones, including:

  • I want to boost audience engagement by 5%.
  • I want to add 200 new people to my subscribers list.
  • I want 5000 new followers on social media.

This outline of the goal will help you carefully design your next steps.

●      Define Your Targeting

Who are the people you’ll be aiming this strategy at? You need to define your perfect buyer persona in terms of:

  • – age
  • – gender
  • – social status
  • – social background
  • – online behavior
  • – pain points
  • – interests
  • – education

Find as many determinants as possible and build your ideal target customer.

●      Choose Your Tactics

Now it’s time to move on to the practical part of your strategy. Based on your goals and your audience, you’ll need to choose specific tactics that will help you get where you want.

For instance, here are some ideas for the goal we’ve chosen in the previous sections:

  • organize social media giveaway
  • offer discount coupons for new subscribers and then use email marketing to keep them updated
  • team up with a micro-influencer
  • organize a user-generated-content contest

Outline the tactics you plan on using, along with the marketing tools for business you’ll need. It could be an email marketing automation tool, social media calendar, PPC software, or something else you find that you need.

●      Define Your Content Plans

Finally, content is the last crucial element of your strategy. You need to decide what you’re going to write and where to publish it.

Typically, you’ll need to develop a blog where you’ll write about:

  • viral topics using keywords that your audience will search for
  • informative, valuable, and helpful topics
  • how-to and step-by-step guides
  • product reviews and top lists

Choose the channels to distribute and promote your blog content through, including social media and email marketing. If you want to post in more than one language, outsource your translations to professionals. At Pickwriters you can read reviews of translation companies that can help convert your content quickly to any language. This will help you expand on more than one market.

Also, make sure to use interesting visuals such as images, videos, GIFs, memes, and infographics, to capture the attention of as many readers as possible. Visuals can be used to showcase product features, explain complex concepts, capture attention, and engage viewers in an entertaining and informative manner. As the world creates an ever-increasing amount of content at a breakneck speed, video offers value that viewers won’t get from any other source. Most businesses today use video production services in Australia and work with professional videographers to create engaging videos by combining sounds, visuals, narration, stories and emotional appeal that helps them stand out from the pack.

Concluding thoughts…

As you can see, developing a digital marketing strategy is a complex, multi-step process that requires your full dedication. But, once you have it done, you’ll be ready to grow your business and enjoy the benefits of a brilliant digital presence.

So, use our guide and start working on your digital marketing strategy today!

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Andrew Mazur is a digital marketing specialist and a blogger. He loves writing about the latest marketing technologies and sharing simple but effective tips on how to build and boost your marketing strategy.

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