How Technology is Impacting the Automotive Industry


Technology is everywhere and the automotive industry is no exception. Aside from the rapid development of electric and hybrid vehicles, here are just some of the many other ways that the car industry is adapting to the development of new technologies.

Self-Driving Cars

Once a seemingly wildly improbable, dreamt-up concept of the future, self-driving cars are now a reality with many companies looking into the reality of creating fully autonomous vehicles thanks to the swift progression of AI and computer capabilities.

Though fully automated cars are undergoing testing across the world, none are available to the public yet and are unlikely to be for some time due to multiple factors such as technological limitations and legislative concerns. However, there are already many self-driving cars in production that work alongside a driver, with the driver able to take control at any time. These range from cars that can assist a driver, such as cars equipped with cruise control to cars that can perform most driving tasks overseen by a human driver, and the first hands-free self-driving car was recently approved for use in the UK.


Even car insurance is being changed by the development of new technology such as AI. With the ability to predict driving patterns and better track drivers’ habits, insurance companies are now able to create more in-depth and accurate driver risk profiles. This allows them to provide more personalised quotes that reflect a person’s likelihood of needing to make a claim, rather than reliance on basic data such as age, occupation, and driving experience. AI is also being used to process insurance claims more quickly and to personalise customer service, such as the use of automated chatbots to help answer customer queries promptly and efficiently.

Smart Cars

As our phones gain more capabilities, so do our cars with the advent of smart cars that utilise and connect with existing technology to offer increased functionality.

New automotive technologies such as Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto allow you to use your phone in the car without ever needing to touch it. This means you can take phone calls and control music hands-free, without breaking the law or risking any of the potentially disastrous and deadly consequences of handling a phone whilst driving.


Gone are the days of copy-and-paste cars, as new technology allows customers to completely adapt their new vehicle to suit their specific needs and desires all the way from the exact shade of paint colour on the outside of the vehicle to the tech and finish inside.

With everything from in-car entertainment to keep kids happy during long car rides, to heated seats with massage capabilities, the rise in new technology for car customisation means that there’s little your new car can’t do for you, including predicting regular journeys and ordering its own replacement parts!

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Will Fastiggi

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