How Much Does it Cost to Develop an eCommerce Mobile App?

Mobile app development has gained huge popularity in the past few years. It can be witnessed in every industry niche, from healthcare to retail, and eCommerce is no different. Nowadays, people are highly dependent on mobile apps for almost everything, like ordering food, online shopping, or binge-watching TV shows or movies.  

Mobile apps help expand brand recognition, improve market communication, higher conversion rate, and more. eCommerce apps have a 72.9% contribution to the mobile app market, according to Statista. As a result, several business owners from different industries are investing in eCommerce app development

People spend most of their time on smartphones and use multiple apps on a daily basis. Therefore, developing an eCommerce app can benefit your business as it will lead to brand awareness. Moreover, it can boost user interaction because of the 24*7 availability. 

When hiring an eCommerce app development company, the first question that concerns every entrepreneur is the overall app development cost. 

The blog has listed the top cost-affecting factors of eCommerce app development. 

The Cost-Affecting Factors of eCommerce App Development

There is no actual cost of developing an eCommerce app as it varies from several factors, like mobile app platform, essential features, UI/UX design, and more. 

Here is a list of the top factors affecting an eCommerce app’s cost. 

  • eCommerce App Development Platform

The first cost-affecting factor of an eCommerce app is the platform you pick for your app development. There are two major platforms- iOS and Android; however, the eCommerce app development cost for both platforms is the same, which is more than $50,000. 

Cross-platform is also a great option for developing an eCommerce app as it will help you reach a wider audience. Most importantly, cross-platform apps can run on multiple devices seamlessly. The development cost of cross-platforms is over $75,000. 

  • eCommerce App Features

Another cost-affecting factor of the eCommerce app is the features you want to integrate into your app to make it more engaging & useful. Implementing essential & advanced features, like push notifications, social media integration, wishlist buttons, or payment gateways creates a huge difference in the cost.  

It is important to add significant features to the eCommerce app because it helps keep the users engaged throughout the app and allows them to interact with your business anytime. Business owners must ensure that features are placed within the user’s reach and are easy to navigate to avoid app abandonment. 

Also, entrepreneurs can add more features based on user preference to make their app competitive. 

  • Interactive eCommerce App Design 

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and engaging app design is essential to retain your users for a longer time. A visually appealing app with an interactive user interface will determine your app’s success. 

For a smoother user experience, you can add seamless navigation, where users can easily log in, reach the menu bar, or make payments from their preferred payment mode. In short, how your eCommerce app looks and functions significantly affects user interaction. 

Every business owner must invest in the app design for a successful business. The average cost of an eCommerce app design is around $30,000, which may vary based on the app’s layout or design complexity. 

  • eCommerce App Testing

If you want the smooth functioning of your eCommerce app and to retain your users for longer than expected, you must conduct robust app testing. Mobile app testing validates the overall look of the app across different devices. You can begin the app testing in the initial stage to ensure the app’s quality with less effort and cost. 

The primary goal of conducting the app testing is to verify the app’s usability or functionality before launching the final version. You can consider hiring a professional quality assurance team for proper app testing. 

Most importantly, testing your eCommerce app will eliminate the risks of bugs or glitches and ensure a smooth user experience. The expected cost of eCommerce app testing is more than $20,000. 

  • Post-Delivery App Maintenance & Support

Providing post-delivery eCommerce app maintenance & support services is crucial as it keeps the app updated with the latest features and app in the best condition. Additionally, you can convert your targeted audience into loyal customers by accepting their feedback and can update your app accordingly. Better business growth comes with timely app maintenance & support services. 

An app’s timely updates and maintenance will improve the user experience and result in higher revenue generation. As a result, you must provide post-app launch maintenance services. Keeping your app updated after delivery can cost you more than $20,000.


An eCommerce app’s cost is affected by a number of factors, including the app’s functionality, the platform, and app testing. The eCommerce development will ultimately result in significant revenue, so you should invest in it.

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