How Can Mattress Retailers Achieve a 20% Increase in Sales with CRO?

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In an industry as dynamic and competitive as mattress retailing, the quest to convert clicks into customers is a journey fraught with challenges and opportunities. But what if there was a proven way to boost sales by as much as 20%?

This is not just a hypothetical question but a reality achieved through the strategic application of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). 

Drawing insights from the success story of The Lad Collective, let’s explore how mattress retailers can replicate this success.

Overview: 5 Steps to Increase Mattress Sales Through CRO

  1. Understanding the Client and Their Needs
  2. Setting Clear Objectives
  3. Strategic Approach to CRO
  4. Addressing Specific User Problems
  5. Results and Impact

Understanding the Client and Their Needs

Every mattress retailer’s journey begins with understanding their unique market position and customer needs. The Lad Collective, for instance, carved a niche by focusing on utility and targeting a specific demographic. 

For your mattress retail business, it’s crucial to identify your unique selling proposition and understand your target audience’s pain points. Dig deep with questions during the initial discovery session. 

Here are some key questions to ask during a discovery call with a client.

  • Who is your primary target customer? (e.g., age group, lifestyle, income level)
  • What specific needs or problems do your customers face that your products can solve?
  • How do your products differ from competitors? What makes your brand unique?
  • What are the key factors that influence your customers’ purchasing decisions?
  • Can you provide examples of customer feedback or common queries you receive?
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals for your business?
  • How do you envision the role of your products in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Setting Clear Objectives

The foundation of a successful CRO campaign is clear, measurable objectives. Are you looking to increase your conversion rate, enhance revenue per user, or reduce cart and checkout abandonment? Setting these goals upfront helps in creating a focused strategy.

Design a 12-month CRO program tailored to the specific needs of mattress retailers.

Month 1: Market Analysis and Strategy Development

  • Conduct a competitive analysis in the mattress retail market.
  • Understand customer demographics and buying behavior in the mattress industry.
  • Set clear, measurable CRO goals specific to mattress retail.

Month 2: Website and Customer Journey Assessment

  • Evaluate the website’s user experience, with a focus on ecommerce and information.
  • Analyze the customer journey from product discovery to checkout.
  • Start gathering data on user interactions and feedback.

Month 3: Hypothesis Development and Test Planning

  • Create hypotheses for improving mattress product pages and descriptions.
  • Plan A/B tests for website layouts, product displays, and call-to-action buttons.
  • Prioritize tests that could significantly impact customer engagement and sales.

Month 4-6: Testing and Iterative Optimization

  • Conduct A/B tests on product pages, offers, and promotions.
  • Monitor user behavior and sales conversion data.
  • Implement changes based on test results and customer feedback.

Month 7: Mid-Program Performance Review

  • Evaluate the success of implemented strategies in the first half of the program.
  • Adjust CRO strategies based on performance data and new market trends.

Month 8-9: Enhancing Customer Experience and Engagement

  • Focus on improving overall website navigation and user experience.
  • Integrate customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials for mattress products.
  • Test and optimize the checkout process to reduce cart abandonment.

Month 10: Personalization and Targeted Marketing

  • Implement personalized recommendations for mattress products.
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns based on customer purchase history and preferences.

Month 11: Mobile Optimization and Cross-Channel Consistency

  • Ensure the website is fully optimized for mobile users.
  • Align online and in-store experiences for omni-channel consistency.

Month 12: Comprehensive Analysis and Future Planning

  • Perform a detailed analysis of the CRO efforts over the year.
  • Document successful strategies and areas for improvement.
  • Plan for ongoing optimization and scaling strategies for the mattress retail business.

Strategic Approach to CRO

CRO isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it requires a tailored approach. This involves comprehensive website analysis, understanding user behavior, and implementing monthly A/B testing. Your strategy should be as dynamic as the market you’re catering to, always aligned with your marketing initiatives.

Build a predictive revenue plan, which serves as a model for A/B tests and website changes, to identify the most effective optimization opportunities.

Alt Text: Model of the A/B test for ecommerce.

Photo Credit: Conversionry

Addressing Specific User Problems

Identifying and solving user-specific problems is at the heart of CRO. For example, The Lad Collective tackled issues like brand perception and checkout abandonment through meticulous analysis and testing. Similarly, understanding your customers’ hesitations and behaviors on your website can lead to significant breakthroughs.

Check out this special Case-to-Case scenario to refine your strategy and approach in solving user problems.

Case #1: It was not clear how users viewed the brand or which content they found most appealing.

Action Plan:

  •  Gain a clearer understanding of how people perceive your brand, products, and pricing through user polls and the analysis of session recordings. Observing actual behavior on our site revealed the content that interested people and what they tended to ignore

Case #2: Despite the high traffic from their marketing campaigns, there was a notable issue with cart and checkout abandonment.

Action Plan:

  • The first step was building multi-step checkout funnels in Google Analytics to pinpoint the exact stages at which users were leaving.
  • Examine session recordings and poll responses, along with conducting an in-depth heuristic analysis to formulate hypotheses for solving problems at each stage. Proposed solutions focused on addressing issues like shipping costs, delivery times, and purchase uncertainties.

Results and Impact

The proof of a successful CRO strategy lies in its results. A well-executed CRO campaign can lead to a substantial increase in conversion rates and revenue. For mattress retailers, this could mean not just surviving but thriving in a competitive market.

Here is an actual case study powering The Lad Collective’s CRO powered by Conversionry:

Challenge: A significant issue was observed on an e-commerce site, where an overwhelming 93% of users were exiting the product page without adding items to their cart.

Insights: Detailed analysis through session recordings indicated a high user interest in the various color options available. However, these color swatches were positioned well below the fold, leading to constant user scrolling between the swatches and the product images to compare their choices. Additionally, customer feedback and polls highlighted a gap in understanding the primary benefits and value of the products.

Strategic Approach: Based on these insights, a hypothesis was formed. It was believed that enhancing the product selection process and providing easy access to explanatory videos would lead to better conversion rates.

Implementation: In response, color swatches were integrated directly alongside the product images for more seamless access. Moreover, a prominent call-to-action (CTA) was placed at the top of the product page, inviting users to view an informative video about the product.

Outcomes: The test, conducted over 27 days, yielded remarkable results:

  • A 21% increase in revenue.
  • An 18% improvement in the overall conversion rate.


For mattress retailers looking to boost their online sales, the implementation of a tailored CRO strategy is not just beneficial; it’s essential. Drawing from the success of The Lad Collective, it’s clear that with the right approach, significant improvements in sales and customer engagement are well within reach.

Pro Tip: Understanding and catering to your customer’s unique needs is paramount. Clear communication of your product’s value, simplicity in navigation, and an understanding of customer preferences can set you apart from the competition.

Interested in discovering how CRO can transform your mattress retail business? Partner with a leading ecommerce optimization agency to begin with a comprehensive analysis of your current strategies and identify areas for improvement.

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