Best Hiring Advice For Growing Tech Companies

The talent gaps in the tech space are huge, and finding the best resources for your businesses can be challenging. Although a growing number of STEM graduates enter the workforce every year, they still fall short of the demand. Securing top talent is even more daunting for growing companies because you may require resources on the fly as new projects come. HR managers struggle to stay ahead of the competition for qualified talent. But fine-tuning your searches and recruitment practices can keep you on top of the hiring game. Let us share some valuable hiring advice for growing tech companies.

Highlight your unique offerings

When demand is more than supply, you have to give candidates valid reasons to join your company. Know your unique offerings for potential recruits and highlight them to showcase yourself as a better employer brand. Consider factors beyond compensation and benefits because employees can get them anywhere. Think of ideas like freedom, flexibility, and ownership as your USPs to attract top talent for your growing company.

Enable growth and development

Exceptionally talented professionals prefer to work with companies that offer growth and development for their employees. You cannot expect to retain them for the long haul if you do not prioritise ongoing training initiatives. Moreover, you must give them the freedom to share new ideas, try their hand with innovation, and experiment with new ways of doing things. Including training in the onboarding process is a good start, and you can go the extra mile with regular sessions.

Create space for outsourcing

Evolving tech companies may require resources on a project basis. Hiring permanent employees for short-term projects does not make sense. Consider creating space for the outsourcing model in your conventional hiring practices. But IT recruiters must know how to classify exempt and non exempt employees to keep things on track. Freelancers, contractors, and interns are the non-exempt ones. You must implement best practices for managing compensation and ensuring compliance while having non-exempt employees on board.

Collaborate with local schools

Collaborating with local schools and colleges is a good way to empower your company with talented resources on a budget. You can run internship programs to pick students and give them real-world exposure. If they are happy enough with their experience, they will probably join your company after completing their studies. You can also conduct campus recruitment drives to pick fresh graduates from these institutions.

Focus on your culture

Like any other business, tech companies should focus deeply on their culture. The core of your company culture exists in your mission, vision, purpose, and values. Start by choosing cultural fits as you do not need to work hard to bring them on the same page. Moreover, employee acquisition and retention are easier if you have a positive and strong culture. Build a workplace where people feel at home and a valuable part of. 

Getting the best candidates for your growing tech business need not be a daunting challenge. Follow these best practices to acquire and retain top talent for the long haul.

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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