Jamie Roy

Jamie Roy

How to Develop a Successful Loyalty Program in 2024

loyalty program

In today’s competitive landscape, customer loyalty is the golden ticket.  But simply offering discounts isn’t enough anymore.  Consumers crave personalized experiences and rewards that feel truly valuable.  So, how do you design a loyalty program that stands out in 2024?…

6 Tips for Tackling High-Interest Debt


The thing with taking loans, whether it’s a credit card, personal, or mortgage, is that you pay it back with interest. That’s how lenders manage to keep their businesses profitable. If you’ve ever borrowed money that comes with interest, you…

How to Take Advantage of a Crypto Bull Run

Crypto Bull Run

The financial market has its ups and downs. The regular trade market on Wall Street can fluctuate heavily throughout the day or the year or decade. Cryptocurrency can also be like that. The term “crypto bull run”, refers to when cryptocurrencies and…

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