Will Fastiggi

Will Fastiggi

Originally from England, Will is an Upper Primary Coordinator now living in Brazil. He is passionate about making the most of technology to enrich the education of students.

The most powerful tools for distance learning

Picture cute baby to see laptop

Let’s explore the variety of powerful and useful software you need to have to make online learning successful for you. Amazing tools and apps for effective learning online are explored in this article. Today online learning is everywhere. Humanity now…

NFTs Simply Explained

NFTs text image

What are NFTs? An NFT stands for a non-fungible token.  (“Non-fungible” like a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork means that it is unique and cannot be replaced.)  NFTs are digital collectibles for the modern age that represent a wide range of…

5 Ways Technology Can Enhance HR Processes

Modern workplaces rely on technology to run seamlessly. Every aspect of organisational operations uses technology in one way or the other. HR processes are no exception as they rely on advanced tools and digital applications. The good thing about embracing…

Computer Security Benefits Your Enterprise

Computer (or cyber security) provides many advantages for a business. As cybercrime continues to grow, the means and methods to combat this issue has expanded as well. Just as those modern hackers have become more sophisticated, the software platforms that are…

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