8 Beauty products you need for cold winters 

  Beauty products you need for cold winters – During winter, you may feel less inclined to venture outside SwissDetox . With shorter days and cooler temperatures, who can blame you? Staying indoors doesn’t mean you have to neglect your beauty routine. Invest in yourself with these eight must-have products. 

  1 . Reduce Skin Inflammation with Azelaic Acid Face Cream

  Azelaic Acid Face Cream  Many people find that winter makes their skin especially prone to inflammation. This may be because the skin loses moisture which usually occurs in colder temperatures. Azelaic Acid Face Cream is one of the best anti-inflammatory skin care solutions on the market. This cream can protect your skin from irritation. 

  2 . Vitamins make hair thicker and shinier 

  Your hair may also start to turn gray as winter begins. This happens for the same reason as dermatitis – your scalp loses moisture in the cold, dry air and thus makes it easier for the hair follicles to fall out. Hair growth vitamins can combat this problem. See Detangled vs Nutrafol hair supplement reviews for detailed information on the ingredients of these products. Check out these hair growth vitamins, which help revive a stagnant hair growth cycle by increasing the production of 

 keratin in the hair follicles for noticeably thicker and fuller hair.  to revive stagnant hair growth cycles by increasing keratin production in hair follicles for visibly thicker, fuller hair. 

  3. Hair Growth Serum  

  When used in conjunction with hair growth vitamins, a hair serum can be your hair’s secret superpower. Serums combine therapeutic ingredients to coat each strand of hair with a protective layer. This layer protects the hair from damage that can occur during winter.

4. Pigment protection to prevent fading 

  When you think about pigment problems, you probably think of sun damage — and you probably think you’re safe in the winter. In contrast, the sun may be less visible during the winter months, but it is no less harmful. You can still get sun damage that causes discoloration. CHOOSE by Dermatology Pycnogenol products that reduce pigmentation can help prevent this.

  5. Hyaluronic acid lotion for youthful-looking skin 

  One of the worst effects of winter is its tendency to make skin dry and stressed. How to regain a supple and youthful appearance? Hyaluronic acid is the answer. This ingredient helps your skin retain moisture, no matter how cold or dry the air is.

  6. Evening Vitamin C Lotion  

 If you’ve ever had a tan, a preventative lotion might not be the best solution. Try a lotion or cream containing vitamin C instead. The acid in this citrus derivative can lighten dark spots and create an overall more even skin tone. 

 contains vitamin C. The acid in this citrus derivative can lighten dark spots and create an overall more even skin tone. 

  7. Neck Firming  Cream to Prevent Wrinkles 

  In winter the neck wrinkles can be covered with a towel, but the neck firming cream can completely remove it. This product is formulated with antioxidants and peptides that can protect your skin’s collagen and prevent elastin loss. 

  8 . Moisturizer for dry winter days 

  Perhaps the most important product is a multi-purpose moisturizer. You must have a solid defense against the cold winter air. You can use a great moisturizer on any part of your skin and fight dryness. Look for a product that combines ingredients like cannabidiol and palmitoylethanolamide. These two ingredients can protect your skin and help it retain its natural moisture.

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