Which Business Processes Can Be Automated with Software Solutions?

Automation is the process of reducing human input by allowing machines to perform certain repetitive tasks instead. It’s a form of artificial intelligence (AI) known as machine learning, and it has dramatically transformed all industries because it allows repetitive and time-consuming tasks to be done by machines instead of humans. This is good for business owners because it saves both time and money by not having to find and hire people to do these tasks. Not all business processes can be automated, but several can.


Basic Business Operations

Your basic business operations are going to be those daily tasks that help you run your business. When choosing business software, make sure to look for these solutions.


If you own your warehouse, you’ll benefit from having a warehousing solution as a part of your software. It will help your warehouse managers run a more efficient warehouse, and many warehousing software solutions are available on mobile devices as well. This makes for easier access, further increasing efficiency.


Automating your procurement processes keeps track of all of your vendors, saving you a lot of time. This software solution can also find you the best prices on your products, in turn, saving you money.

Order Management

Order management is necessary for businesses that allow their customers to place orders on your website. It automates and keeps track of the entire order process, including order placement, processing, shipping, delivery, and even returns.


If you make your products, you’re going to need a software solution to aid you in this business operation. It pairs perfectly with a procurement solution, allowing you to order your raw materials and keep track of your vendors.

Inventory Management

Finally, all businesses that sell products— whether you own a warehouse and/or manufacture your products yourself— will benefit from having an inventory management solution. Keeping track of your inventory is an important business operation, and automating this process allows for more accuracy and quicker completion.


Customer Functions

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a common software solution because it allows you to improve your relationship with your customers. CRM software allows you to see how you’re interacting with current and potential customers, and how they’re interacting with your business. When you have a better understanding of your customers, you’ll know how to give them a better experience with your business.


Employee Functions


Payroll can also be viewed as a financial process, but it’s a financial process that pertains to your employees. Automating payroll ensures that your employees are paid on time and correctly. Paid time off, bonuses, and taxes can also be automated with this software solution.

Human Resources (HR)

If you don’t want to outsource your HR department to a professional HR firm, you can look into an HR software solution to help manage your employees. This solution typically includes payroll, so it may not be necessary to have both solutions.


Financial Processes

Your finances are the most important part of your business, so automating certain financial processes can help make your business more successful.


Taxes can be intimidating for anyone who isn’t a professional accountant, but having a tax solution as a part of your financial software can help you navigate through your taxes. Not fulfilling your legal tax obligations as a business is a necessity, or else your business could be in a lot of trouble.

Planning and Budgeting

Budgeting and planning are two important tasks that all business owners must engage in from time to time, but they can also be lengthy and tedious tasks. Automating these processes based on previous data can help make these tasks much more manageable. You can even create different scenarios to give you a better idea of what you’ll need to plan or budget for.


Manual bookkeeping is extremely time-consuming, plus you’re prone to making more mistakes, and some records can even get lost. Automating your bookkeeping processes eliminates all of these potential errors. Proper bookkeeping is key to many of your other financial processes, such as planning and budgeting.


A billing software solution will automate your invoicing operations, eliminating yet another manual business process. As with all of the other automated functions, automating your billing processes will lead to more accuracy and efficiency. Software service companies such as JDE Orchestrator allow for the automation of these everyday business processes.

Just about every business process can be automated with software, which is good news for all business owners. Automation saves you both time and money, so you’ll be able to focus on other parts of your business— and you know that as a business owner there are a lot of things that require your focus.

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