What to do if you forgot your key inside the car?

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When using a vehicle, car owners often encounter a variety of problems. Lost, stolen or broken keys are something that almost every motorist in the UK will experience.

Along with these problems, a common situation is when you close the car door and then discover that the keys are left inside. This can be a serious problem if you don’t have a spare key for your car.
In this article, we want to share information about what to do if the key locked in car.
So, here are the main recommendations:

  1. Don’t panic. Accept the fact that the situation has already happened and spoiled nerves will not help solve it, you can only harm your health. Maintain calm and composure.
  2. Use a spare key if available.
  3. Check doors and boot. Perhaps one of the doors was not slammed or you have the ability to gain access to a locked car through the boot.

Where to call if the key is locked inside the car?

If you were unable to gain access using the above methods, we recommend contacting a car unlocking company so that qualified specialists can help you unlock your car.

We strongly do not recommend trying to use any methods to independently gain access to the vehicle! By doing this, you not only expose yourself to the risk of injury (for example, if you decide to unlock the car by breaking out the window), but you can also damage the lock or the car’s locking system, which will greatly complicate the car locksmith’s work in the future. Also, if attempts to unlock the car are unsuccessful, the final price for the specialist’s work may become significantly higher.
That’s why, if you closed the car door and the keys were left inside, you need to immediately call We’ve Got The Key, a company specialising in emergency car unlocking services. Here are the main advantages of this company:

  • 100% coverage throughout the UK. We’ve Got The Key provides services throughout the country and, thanks to a large staff of highly qualified specialists, can help you in any city, town, or village in our country. Whether your problem is near your home or on the side of the road in a rural area, WGTK’s experts will come to you and help you regain access to your vehicle.
  • Customer service as a priority. The company works 24/7 and is always ready to help you. From the first call or letter to the company to the arrival of the Auto Locksmith, usually no more than 2 hours pass. Representatives of the company will always be in touch with you so that you do not have to worry about any force majeure.
  • Latest equipment. During their work, specialists use exclusively the latest equipment, which guarantees high-quality and non-damage work results. Your vehicle will be unlocked without any damage.

In order to contact We’ve Got The Key, you just need to call the contact number on the website or fill out a simple feedback form.Copy textCopy HTMLDoneRefuse

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