What Is the Role of Identity Verification in the Modern Education System?

Schools have always been traditional. Everything was done on-site. The lectures, exams, and extracurricular events have always been done with the students inside the campus. 

From the traditional way of doing things, schools are now adapting to the changes in the education system brought about by the pandemic. From traditional teaching methods inside the classroom, professors now conduct their lectures in their homes using conference platforms such as zoom and google meet. 

Students’ exams are now done online, also. Events that have always excited students are now done virtually. The student’s campus life has now been compressed into their computer screens. 

With everything being online and the students gradually returning to their campuses, their security is a top priority. Whether online or offline, the safety of the students, including everyone on campus, including the professors and the staff, must feel safe in their schools. 

What Are Some of the Threats to Modern Education?

One of the threats to modern education is the risk of the identity of the students and staff being stolen or sold. This is because since the details we use for school are available online, it could pose an opportunity for attackers to get a hold of this information which they could sell or use for other purposes. 

Attackers could also see this as an opportunity for spoofing. For those who are not aware, spoofing is a crime where an attacker pretends or impersonates an authority in the school to gain access to sensitive information such as passwords for student credentials and financial information. 

What Is an Identity Verification Solution?

Identity Verification Solution is the technology that can help protect personal and sensitive data. This is done through the verification and authentication of one’s identity. The process of identity solution uses algorithms and software that can cross-check digital and written data to prevent any fraudulent activities. 

The need for an identity verification solution is vital, especially for schools to prevent any data of the students and staff from getting leaked and used for criminal offenses. If the schools if this identity validation solution in place, they could make the cyberspace of their school a safe place for everyone. 

This can also increase the students and the parents’ confidence and trust in the school as they can observe that the schools are taking countermeasures to make their campus and cyberspace safer. 

What Is the Role of These Identity Validation Solutions in Keeping the Modern Education Secured?

Examine and Cross-Check Identities

For on-campus lectures, technology developed by identity verification companies can ensure that only their students and staff can enter the school premises. The information they have on their biometrics can be cross-checked with their existing government-issued IDs, such as licenses and passports. 

It can also ensure that students and staff only have access to their online portals because they have already been examined before logging in. this can keep the users’ information safe.

Help School Address Risks to Security Immediately 

Concerning the paragraph above, once security is in place and it is detected that an unauthorized person is trying to enter the campus, the school can immediately take action. 

They could warn other staff that they should not allow the person to enter and can alert students that the person is not connected to the school, so they should avoid any interaction as long as possible. 

Help Schools Comply With the Law

The information of the students and staff is sensitive, which is why they need to be protected. The law requires schools to ensure that student records are kept safe. With identity validation in place, they can help secure the records of students while being able to comply with national law. 

Help Manage Student and Staff Accounts

The portals students use require passwords. Sadly, this is not enough to keep their information secured. The information on this portal is sensitive, and when they fall onto the wrong hands, it can be used for phishing and other criminal offenses. 

With identity validation in place, they can keep the online information of students and professors secured whether they are using it. 

Increase the Institution’s Reputation

No one would want to enroll in a school where there is no security set in place. If the school invest in identity validation solution, it can increase its reputation as an institution that cares about the well-being and safety of its students. 

This can encourage students and parents to enroll in the institution because it takes the security of its student seriously. 


As schools have transitioned into hybrid setups, they now have to deal with the threats of using online platforms. Attackers can easily obtain sensitive information on these platforms if the school does not have a proper countermeasure. 

This is where identity validation solutions come in. they assist schools in keeping the information safe. It can help them identify who is authorized or entitled to the information and who is not. 

When in place, the technology can help the school comply with the requirements of the law while ensuring its students and staff that their information is secured, whether online or offline. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Poses as Risks to Modern Education?

Identity theft, spoofing, and the selling of stolen information from students and staff are some risks that come with the modernization of education and school systems. 

What Does an Identity Validation Solution Do?

An identity validation solution is a technology that can help an institution validate the identity of a person and can help cross-check the identities of people. It verifies the person’s identity before they are given authority to access any information. 

Why Is There a Need for Schools to Have Identity Validation Solutions?

Schools have a lot of data. They are the home to data of students, professors, and non-teaching staff. It is a lot of sensitive data that can be used for crimes when obtained by the wrong people. It can help the school safeguard its information. 

What Is the Role of Identity Validation Solutions in Modern Education?

  • Examine identities
  • Help school comply with law requirements 
  • Schools can address risks immediately 
  • Help manage portal accounts 
  • Maintain the reputation of the school
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