Trends & Advancements in Renewable Energy and its Impact on The Electrician Industry

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources are undoubtedly the future of power generation. As the world looks for alternative ways to generate electricity with the hope of reducing the carbon footprint, renewable energy resources have become the go-to solution. The electrician industry, primarily involved in power distribution, has started to evolve due to the rising demand for affordable clean energy. Whether you are located in Wilmington, NC, or beyond, Jack Andrew Mcloughlin shares the latest trends and advancements in renewable energy and how they impact the electrician industry.

Solar Energy

Over the last few years, solar power has become one of the most popular renewable energy sources. With advancements in solar technology, panels have become more efficient, and as a result, solar power has become more affordable. Because solar power systems rely on photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electricity, the electrician industry has had to adapt to incorporate the installation and maintenance of these systems.

Electricians have had to learn how to install solar panels on houses, commercial buildings, and parking lots. They’re being called to do jobs like setting up inverters, connecting solar panels to the electrical grid, and performing maintenance and upgrades.

Wind Energy

Growing concerns over the environmental impact of fossil fuels have made wind power tremendously popular in recent years. The rise in wind power has led to more onshore and offshore wind farms being set up worldwide, which also helps the electrician industry. Electricians are now working in wind turbine farms, carrying out jobs such as installing and maintaining generators and controlling systems that regulate electrical output.

Energy Storage

An essential aspect of renewable energy that often gets overlooked is energy storage. Storing energy is one of the biggest challenges facing the renewable energy industry today. Storing energy is vital for providing an uninterrupted electricity supply to homes and businesses. Batteries, for example, have been essential in storing wind and solar power. As energy storage solutions continue to be developed, electricians must understand and install them.

Additionally, with the rise of electric vehicles, there is a need for charging stations to be installed across cities. This presents an opportunity for electricians to expand their services and specialize in installing EV chargers.

Smart Grid Technology

Advancements in smart grid technology have been critical in enabling renewable energy sources to work efficiently. Smart grids allow communication between the electricity provider and the user, providing information on how much energy is being used in real-time. With this technology, people can monitor and control their energy usage, enabling them to make adjustments based on energy prices and renewable energy usage. 

The demand for electricians with a deep understanding of smart grid technology is increasing rapidly. For example, many electricians are now trained to install smart meters that provide real-time data on electricity usage. They’re also required to troubleshoot and fix any issues with these systems.

Electric Cars

Electric vehicles are a crucial part of the plan to achieve carbon neutrality. The electric car market is growing tremendously, and as a result, demand for electrical vehicle charging infrastructure is increasing rapidly. Electric cars require a network of charging points throughout the country to be practical for daily use. As a result, the electrician industry is being called upon to install them.

In addition to installing charging stations, electricians are also needed to maintain and upgrade the electrical infrastructure required for electric cars. As more countries move towards a complete ban on fossil fuel vehicles, the demand for skilled electricians in this sector will continue to grow.


Jack Andrew Mcloughlin of Wilmington, NC, understands that the demand for renewable energy is rising at an extraordinary pace, and the electrician industry has had to adjust to keep up with the changing dynamic. The industry is changing rapidly due to the increasing demand for renewable energy, and electricians are being called upon to install, maintain, and upgrade renewable energy infrastructure, adapt to new technology, and continually develop their expertise. As a result, the impact of renewable energy trends and advancements is crucial to the electrician industry. Electricians can expect these technologies to grow, change rapidly, and, most importantly, become increasingly important in the coming years.

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