Trending Physical Security Measures for Businesses

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In the digital age, there is a huge emphasis placed on the importance of cybersecurity. Businesses have rightfully invested significant resources in safeguarding their digital assets. 

However, in the pursuit of securing the virtual realm, physical security measures should never be overlooked. Let’s take a look at the trending physical security measures that can protect your assets, customers, and staff. 

1. Access Control Systems

Preventing unauthorized access to premises is the first step in any security solution. The age of the key is dead, and current access control systems are sophisticated and smart. 

Common modern access control system types include:

  • Keypad systems: This type allocates a PIN code to authorized users. There is an obvious Achilles heel with this type of access system in that the PIN code can be easily shared. However, good security practices can minimize the risk.
  • Biometric systems: Many of us use these daily to unlock our smartphones and other devices. The exact same principle applies to biometric access control systems.
  • Smart lock door readers: These sophisticated systems can read multiple devices like mobile phones, programmed key fobs, and key cards to grant or prevent access. 

Modern access control systems that embrace the latest technologies are a great starting point for businesses looking to utilize the latest trends in physical security measures. 

2. Video Surveillance

If we were to look at a list of trending physical security measures for any given year over the past few decades, commercial security camera surveillance would be on the list. There is a very good reason for this – it works, plain and simple. 

It is also true that the technology and sophistication of the systems bear little resemblance to systems of even a few years ago. The latest generation of video surveillance systems boast features that include:

  • High-resolution cameras: In a few short years video surveillance has moved from grainy black and white footage to ultra-crisp full-color HD.
  • Remote access, monitoring, and storage: Access to video surveillance systems is available remotely. Similarly, video footage can be securely stored in the cloud. 
  • Realtime alerts and notifications: With intelligent algorithms, video surveillance systems can generate real-time alerts and notifications for specific events, such as intrusions, motion detection, or unusual behaviors.

Other features of current CCTV systems include integration with other systems, intelligent video analytics, and high-quality audio.

3. Security Personnel 

If cameras would make it onto any list of security measures for the last few decades, then security personnel would be high on any list over the past few millennia. Even in the age of AI, having trained and vigilant security personnel remains indispensable for maintaining a comprehensive and human touch to physical security operations.

But, as with every trending physical security measure, the role of security personnel can be enhanced by incorporating technology. Here are a few of the ways that security personnel and technology are marrying together to improve security:

  • Remote monitoring and surveillance: Security personnel can leverage technology to remotely monitor multiple locations, access live camera feeds, and receive real-time alerts, enabling them to respond promptly to security incidents.
  • Wearable devices and panic buttons: Equipping security personnel with wearable devices, such as smartwatches, cameras, or panic buttons, enhances their safety and efficiency.
  • Data analysis and predictive analytics: By utilizing data analysis and predictive analytics tools, security personnel can identify patterns, detect potential threats, and proactively implement preventive measures to mitigate risks.

Robo-security-guard is not with us yet, arguably this is a good thing. So, for the moment at least the human touch is still a trending physical security measure. 

4. Environmental Controls

To ensure comprehensive physical security, businesses must adopt a multi-faceted approach that extends beyond addressing unwanted intruders. While we have explored various trending security measures, it is crucial to recognize and mitigate other potential threats. 

Environmental controls play a significant role in safeguarding businesses from hazards such as fires, power outages, and environmental damage. Here are some key aspects of environmental controls that make it onto our list of trending physical security measures:

  • Fire detection and suppression systems: Installing advanced fire detection systems coupled with automatic suppression mechanisms can swiftly detect and suppress fires, minimizing potential damage and risks to personnel, as well as facilitate fire insurance claims.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring: Implementing systems that monitor temperature and humidity levels helps protect sensitive equipment and prevent damage caused by extreme environmental conditions.
  • Backup power systems: Having backup power solutions, such as generators or uninterruptible power supply (UPS), ensures that critical systems remain operational during power outages, minimizing disruptions and maintaining security measures.

For security to be effective, it must be able to warn and protect against all manner of threats. Environmental controls should always be an integral part of your security solution.

5. Integration and Automation

The final trend is not so much a single security measure but an all-encompassing integration of the features we have already discussed. By seamlessly combining different systems, businesses can achieve a comprehensive and streamlined approach to security. Here are some key aspects of integration and automation:

  • Centralized management: Integration allows for centralized management of security systems. This enables security personnel and administrators to monitor, control, and configure multiple components from a single interface.
  • Cross-system communication: Integrating access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems facilitates seamless communication between these systems.
  • Automated responses: Automation enables predefined actions or responses based on specific events, such as automatically locking doors, activating alarms, or notifying security personnel when unauthorized access is detected.

An integrated approach is made easy by the latest generation of intelligent, smart, and sophisticated, security solutions. Of course, humans are included in this!

Future-Proofing Security: Staying Ahead with Trending Physical Security Measures

Emerging technologies are going to ensure a rapid evolution in security measures. The use of AI, drones, and computer vision, are all going to reshape the security landscape. 

However, for the foreseeable future, the trending measures listed will continue to keep businesses safe. What we will see is emerging technologies integrating into existing systems and streamlining many of the processes. 

As for the oldest security measure of them all, the human touch should always be at the core of any security solution. 

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