The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Learning and Education

Emotional Intelligence has a large impact on most of our dealings in life. We are far more reactive and driven by emotion than we care to admit or are even aware of. For example, most of what we do and how we act is driven by subconscious reasons that we don’t fully understand or are aware of but are usually very emotion-based. 

To have emotional intelligence means to understand oneself and others. A person with better emotional intelligence can usually be more tactful, successful, and good with people than those who only have intelligence. They will typically have more charm, persuasion, and empathy. In this article, we’ll explore the relevance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in learning and education.

EQ in Academic Achievement

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Moving on, emotional intelligence can make or break your chances of having academic success. Why? How does EQ factor into academic achievement? Consider the following: 

  • Students with good EQ can build relationships better and have a better support system and network. 
  • Students with good EQ can communicate more effectively and can influence others in more positive ways. 
  • Students with good EQ can most likely handle stress and other negative emotions that come with facing an academic struggle. 
  • Students with good EQ can most probably be better at being objective with their emotions and those of others since they can understand them and probably put them in the bigger picture if they have to. 
  • Students with good EQ can potentially detect their strengths and weaknesses better, as well as their authentic values, goals, and passions. This could help them waste less time and find what they love and what they’re good at better.

Developing better EQ can be a catalyst for positive growth and change in your academic journey. A neglected EQ can be quite devastating since it’s a crucial part of life and of one’s self. 

Having parents who taught you to have better EQ helps, while not having guidance might have stunted your EQ. If you’re interested in bettering it but can’t seek guidance in your own family, talking to mature friends, empathetic counselors, and even a therapist could help. 

EQ: Inner Worlds & Outer Worlds

Learning and education go beyond the classroom. Learning is a life-long element, and EQ’s role in learning is by helping a student grow to be happier, healthier (mind and body), and more fulfilled or successful. Emotional intelligence helps you in your interactions with other people, helps you build more meaningful connections, and helps you with your self-awareness. These are all vital for growth. A person who doesn’t have the chance to develop these can become stagnant and foster toxic and misery-driving behaviors and thoughts. If this is the case, we’ll be asking ourselves: “How do I become more emotionally intelligent?”

If you have problems with handling your emotions, the first step is to acknowledge them and not be in denial. And in fact, this can be the most difficult stage. Many people tend to live in denial or ignorance since it’s easier in their perspectives. If you can be genuine to yourself, that’s a pivotal step to a better path ahead.

Secondly, after dealing with your inner world, you can now try to influence your outer world. Manage your space and your circle. Try hanging out with friends who are more open and emotionally receptive; you could learn a thing or two from them. 

Acknowledge past behaviors that stagnated your emotional growth, and challenge them. Do and act in ways that help your EQ. This is subjective for everyone, so find out what works for you. And learn to let your emotions pass through you. Feel them fully. But the number one thing to remember here is: To not let your emotions define who you are. 

Emotional intelligence is not only about understanding and feeling your emotions; it’s about knowing the intrinsic value of detachment and objectivity as well. This way, you can master your emotions and drive them to help you grow instead of letting your emotions drive you. 

This leads us to the next point.

EQ In Personal Growth 


Emotional intelligence can lead to self-awareness. Being self-aware lets you face yourself and be more authentic. Being self-aware can help you redefine yourself. It helps you get to the core. It can help you identify what’s real and what’s been taught. It can help you with self-love and acceptance. 

When you lead with self-love and self-acceptance, you have better goals, better relationships, stronger motivation and drive, and so much more. This is why developing it is not just important; it’s crucial for a happier life led with purpose or a sense of joy.


Self-regulation is another crucial element that EQ can help develop for someone’s education, learning, and growth. By having the capability of managing your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, you can regulate how you react to negativity, you can regulate what you consume, and you can regulate your actions so you’re always in your best interest. 

Integration into Education

EQ should be more widely studied and integrated into education. At the moment, while it’s true that the internet has revolutionized the work and education space, many elements of education worldwide are still archaic. Results and memorization are still placed over a pedestal, but less tangible but very important elements like EQ are still overlooked. 

Final Thoughts

We would do well by ceasing our neglect of such important elements in our daily lives as human beings. If we did, it would have been apparent in society’s reflection. Love, acceptance, and understanding would prevail instead of mistrust, hatred, intolerance, and ignorance. There’s a long way to go but we will get there. 

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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