The Evolution of the World of Gaming

Evolution of gaming

The world of gaming has proven to be an ever-shifting and evolving landscape and shows no signs of slowing down. This guide will offer a brief overview of the history of gaming and look at the dominance of mobile gaming in the present day.

The dawn of gaming

Although computer scientists back in the 1950s were hard at work designing simple game simulations, the true birth of the gaming industry as we know it didn’t arise until the 1970s.

1972 marks the release of arcade video games which later spurred the release of many other first-generation home consoles. By the late 1970s and early 1980s, home computers made it easier and more accessible for people to get into gaming, and soon major companies were at the forefront of this mainstream movement. 

Platform gaming and the Internet

By the mid-1990s and the early 2000s, gaming had found itself a prominent home in popular culture across the globe. The ever-changing landscape of the industry meant that new consoles and variations of at-home gaming systems have continued to flood markets and do so to this day.

Thanks to the internet, gaming became an increasingly popular social activity, with game developers adapting to follow this trend and creating games predominantly focused on the habits of online gamers. 

The rise of mobile gaming 

As technological advances progressed, the scope to use mobile devices for gaming followed suit, with a wide variety of mobile games being launched throughout the 2000s as more people had access to mobile phones. The possibility for mobile gaming has proven to be endless, ranging from arcade-inspired games and puzzles to traditional multi-player-style games. 

The development of mobile app stores skyrocketed the popularity of mobile games and gradually paved the way for more traditional ‘offline’ games to move into a digital space, such as online bingo, Monopoly and Scrabble which were originally played in person and are now finding a new home in the online gaming market. Mobile also cut the cots of buying additional hardware in order to play games and made gaming a lot more accessible. 

It’s hard to imagine where the world of online gaming will take us next, as this radically evolving industry finds new ways to enhance the gaming experience for people across the globe. Technological advancements show no signs of slowing down, which means that the new generation of gaming, whether that be consoles, PC or mobile, will surely be on the horizon soon enough.

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