The Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures in PDF Files

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Using an electronic signature is faster and easier for everyone involved. It’s also better for the environment as it doesn’t include fax machines and printers.

It’s important to note that not all e-signature options are created equal. Make sure that the software you choose is secure and allows identification verification.


In an increasingly interconnected environment, security is more important than ever before. Digital signatures use advanced encryption technology and authentication measures, making it extremely difficult for documents to be tampered with unnoticeable.

This level of security makes e-signatures extremely safe, providing the peace of mind you need when signing business contracts or agreements with clients. Additionally, all digital signature data is backed up in the cloud, so it’s easy to find the signed document should you need it again.

Getting paper documents signed with pen and ink is a time-consuming process. Using an electronic signature solution to add a signature to a PDF, can be completed in a fraction of the time with fewer steps. The result is that your organization can save a significant amount of time and money.

In addition, implementing a digital signature system can help you move towards an environmentally friendly office. Eliminating the need for paper and ink reduces the waste created by these resources and greenhouse gasses from transporting them between locations.

Clients also appreciate the convenience of signing with an e-signature. They can sign in from anywhere, on any device, and at their convenience – making it easier to complete the transaction. In turn, this increases satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, companies that implement e-signatures tend to see higher Net Promoter Scores than those that don’t.


In a globalized world, business deals are made with people from all over the globe. Paper signatures can be forged, and the contents of documents altered, but e-signatures remove this risk by ensuring that only authorized persons have access to the file. This makes it easier to work with clients and partners from anywhere.

Using electronic signatures also saves money on stationery, printers and ink. It cuts down paper waste and boosts environmental protection. For example, a single paper pack uses 130 liters of water and 7 kilograms of wood. When businesses switch to e-signatures, they reduce their energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

An electronic signature can be applied to any PDF document with a few clicks. The application shows the signator’s image and allows them to move, resize, and position it inside the PDF. This is a convenient and fast way to sign documents, which improves customer experience and increases conversion rates.

For businesses that rely on online forms to collect information from their respondents, the right e-signature solution is essential. It must be globally accepted and legally compliant, with timestamps that show when a document was signed. This way, it can be used in court as evidence of agreement between the parties. 


Unlike traditional methods of signing documents that require printing, adding signatures and sending them to the signatory for signing, electronic signatures enable you to get a copy signed from anywhere. This eliminates the need to travel for signing and makes the process more efficient and quick. Additionally, electronic signatures help you cut costs by reducing the need to send a paper copy to the signatory and saving on courier fees and postage charges.

Moreover, using electronic signatures helps you save a lot of office space for storing paper documents. This way, you can utilize that space for more productive purposes and ensure that all the signed copies are readily available. Additionally, e-signature software comes with the feature of storing all signed documents online, cutting down on storage expenses and making the records easily accessible whenever needed.

Lastly, using e-signatures is environmentally friendly as it helps minimize paper and ink usage. It also improves the efficiency of the business and reduces the time required for processing paper documents. In addition, it also boosts the conservation of water and trees, as eliminating a standard pack of paper can help recycle 130 liters of water and 7 kilograms of wood.


The legality of electronic signatures in PDF files is a question often. Some people fear that an e-signature may not be legally binding. Still, it’s important to note that many jurisdictions have passed legislation stating that e-signatures are valid and lawfully admissible for all business transactions.

Besides being a more convenient and secure method of collecting signatures, e-signature software also eliminates the need for physical signatures and paperwork. That means companies can save on printing costs, reduce waste, and streamline the signing process.

Furthermore, the e-signature market is expected to grow over the next few years. That’s because more and more businesses recognize the benefits of switching to this technology.

One study shows that a typical business can reduce the time required to process documents from five days to 37 minutes using an electronic signature solution.

E-signature solutions provide an array of benefits for all types of industries. For example, financial institutions use e-signature platforms to speed up the loan and mortgage application process. Similarly, insurance companies use them to reduce human-made errors in claims processing and increase client onboarding rates. Additionally, educational institutions can use e-signature tools to create and track applications, onboard students faster, and generate crucial docs like grant proposals and service contracts. Moreover, these tools provide origin-tracking capabilities and reliable identity verification techniques to ensure that the signatories are who they say they are.

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