Mastering Microsoft Office 2019 for Beginners

Microsoft office is one of the oldest and useful software programs we have bene using since ages. Still it’s not fully explored to its ultimate potential. Unfortunately, most of the people are unable to get the rest of the software. If you are looking forward to master the Microsoft office 2019 version, here is something you need to go. At first Get Office Professional Plus 2019 suit that will help you get through the process easily when you have the tools available.

Microsoft Office 2019

Understanding the Microsoft Office Suite

Everything begins with the understanding of the whole suit. You need to understand what’s included in the suit as a whole. If you do not have the idea about the tool kit available in the suit, it will be impossible to process things further. Let’s have a look at the components of the suite.

  • Microsoft Word – A word processing program used for creating and editing documents.
  • Microsoft Excel – A spreadsheet program for organizing and analyzing data.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – A presentation software for creating slideshows and visual presentations.
  • Microsoft Outlook –An email and personal information manager for communication and scheduling.
  • Microsoft OneNote – A digital notebook for note-taking and organization.

Get start with the basics

As a beginner you need to get start with the basic procedures. Its impossible to get the pro experience without understanding its basics. The basics start from the:


First, ensure that Microsoft Office 2019 is installed on your computer. For the installation you need to purchase the license or subscribe to Microsoft 365. After subscription you can download the setup on your computer, enter the key and install the program. The process will install the show suite to your system altogether so you do not have to do it separately.

Opening the applications

Once the office suit is installed, you can locate all of its apps in the start menu or in task bar. For your convenient you can pin the apps to home screen from where you can easily open any app of the suit with a simple click on its icon.

Get Start with Learning to Use Microsoft Suit

In the process get start with opening different apps of the suit and getting to know its interface. Like you can open the Word for create documents, by typing formatting or editing. Explore the options of adding images, smart art, tables, charts and more. plus, lead to the saving files in different format form word to PDF and more.

Similarly, you can proceed with the other apps like Excel for the spread sheets, formulas, calculations, data management and more. PowerPoint for the presentations, slide shows, and outlook for the email or task management.

When you open the apps for the first time, you can access a simple go to tutorial in each ap. It helps you get start with it.

Check Out Online Resources

Microsoft provides you a whole library of online resources that helps you to learn more about the apps and programs. You can check out these sources, or click the Help tab on the home bar in each app. It lets you access the best possible knowledge you always need.

Apart from that there are numerous online video programs, YouTube tutorials, and tricks available to flourish your skills with these programs. It’s better to get start with the free resources in the beginning and advance you learning later with the paid courses.

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