How to Use Instagram for Business: 5 Tips for Success

90% of Instagram users, according to recent surveys, follow at least one brand on the platform. Because of this, companies can advertise their goods and services to a niche demographic without having to spend a fortune on broad-reaching media campaigns.

It’s even simpler for businesses to take advantage of all Instagram has to offer now that they can upload images, videos, and multi-image carousels to their Instagram business profile.

Whether you’re just starting out with Instagram marketing or your current social media strategy needs a refresh, you’ll find these optimization hacks and suggestions to be quite helpful.

Showcase Your Brand in an Original Way

When advertising your product or service, you need to pay attention to the problem you solve instead of what you provide. Providing helpful content and a nice aesthetic are both musts if you want to succeed on Instagram. Never forget that visual content is your greatest strength (and Achilles’ heel) on this platform.

If you’re in the service industry, highlight the steps involved in actually delivering the service. Share your company’s values and goals with the public, or just provide useful information. Instagram provides a number of useful features for this, such as images, slideshows, Reels, and Stories.

In order to maximize the potential of your content efforts, people need to see what you’re posting. Instagram followers are an integral part of the success of your campaigns. To attract relevant IG followers that are interested in the content you post and the products you provide, professional help is your best bet. You can partner with one of the top Instagram growth services to get followers that you can then turn into paying customers.

Try Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are shown in a slideshow style and expire after 24 hours (although they can be saved as highlights and viewed at a later time). Instagram’s Stories feature was first developed in reaction to Snapchat’s Stories and is still undergoing regular updates.

Some of the advantages of utilizing Instagram stories for businesses include:

  • Users’ Stories will always appear at the very top of their feeds, right next to the Instagram logo.
  • They can be used to record more casual, behind-the-scenes material than is required for regular posts.
  • It’s great for collaboration and influencer marketing to tag other accounts.
  • Face filters, text overlays, and sticker packs make it easy to personalize photos on the go.

Give Reels a Shot

Instagram Reels are an obvious attempt to compete with TikTok videos. As of now, the maximum length for Reels is 60 seconds. Reels, unlike Stories, don’t disappear after the 24-hour mark.

You can either post them to your main Instagram feed with a corresponding cover picture, or you can restrict your sharing to the Reels section of the app. You also have the option to upload your own audio or pick one from other users. Using a piece of audio that is currently popular is a great way to increase the exposure of your content.

You can ride the waves of several popular trends thanks to Reels. The audience will feel more connected to your company, and you’ll be able to communicate with them on a lighter note.

Show Your Audience How Things Really Work

Customers are always interested in learning more about the production process, and Instagram is a great way to give them a behind-the-scenes look. Those involved in the sale of eco-friendly or Fairtrade products will find this particularly pertinent. Use pictures to show the whole process, from choosing the raw materials through assembly to shipping.

If you can’t think of anything, you can share something that everyone has, like drawings, notes, or whiteboards or blackboards full of scribbled ideas. In business, everyone brainstorms; your job is to turn those thoughts into an eye-catching image or a quick Instagram video.

Use #hashtags to Reach a Wider Audience

Use hashtags to increase the number of people who see your content. It doesn’t matter whether they’re campaign-specific or broader in nature; the only thing that matters is that they’re relevant. Establish your primary branded hashtag (#yourbrandname) and use it selectively throughout your Instagram. People will have an easier time finding information that is associated with you as well as your primary account as a result of this method.

Although Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, the sweet spot is between three and five. Make use of your own hashtags unique to the campaign you’re running mixed with more common hashtags to boost the likelihood that people will find your content.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the advice in this article, you’ll be able to use Instagram to not only generate leads for your company but also foster meaningful connections with the people who could one day become your paying customers.

It shouldn’t take too much time to boost engagement if you begin using these methods right away. And remember, the only way to learn is through experience and trial and error.

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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