How to Start an E-Commerce Business in the USA

Many business owners are trying to find ways to create an online web shop as consumers’ interest in shopping online increases. Currently, shopping through digital platforms is considered more practical, especially in the USA.

For entrepreneurs embarking on an e-commerce venture, understanding the practical steps is crucial, not just for setting up an online store, but also for establishing a legal business entity. If you’re considering New York as your base, the new york llc formation process offers a clear and concise breakdown of the requirements, helping streamline your path to successful business ownership.

This system is not only facilitates buyers but also sellers. By understanding the ways to build e-commerce, sellers can save a lot of money from building a physical store that costs a lot more.

Are you a trader who still sells merchandise offline? Are you now looking to make the switch to trading online?

Want a more practical way to build e-commerce? Don’t worry, WooCommerce is the solution!

WooCommerce is the best plugin for those of you who want to make e-commerce easy without coding. WooCommerce is open source specifically designed for WordPress. You only need to activate it on your WordPress website, and with a few steps your website will turn into the desired e-commerce website.

Starting with WooCommerce

There are several reasons, namely WooCommerce has been used by millions of users in the world, easy installation on WordPress websites. 

Guaranteed data security, provides free services for users, can be custom made, easy to use, and there are many theme choices.

1. Install and Activate WooCommerce

First, you need to at least have a  WordPress account by filling in all the details. After that, on the left side of the WordPress screen click Add New and select WooCommerce plugins then click the Install Now button. The installation process will run afterward, if it’s finished then click the Activate Now button.

2. WooCommerce Settings on the Website

Enter the second process, after the installation and activation process, is complete, an order will be displayed to run the Setup Wizard, click the Yes, Please button. If this command doesn’t appear, you can do it by going to the WooCommerce menu > Help > Setup Wizard. After reading the several messages displayed, click the Let’s Go! button.

Store Address Settings

In this step you need to enter the address details of the online store. Starting from the store’s main address, alternative address, country/region, city, and postcode. Then click continue.

Business Type Settings

The next step, you are required to set the type of online store industry that you will create. There are many choices, you only need to choose the one that suits the product you are selling later.

Setting the type of product being sold

In this part, inform the platform about the product you want to sell. For example, physical products or products that require shipping and downloads if your product is a digital product that can be downloaded immediately. There are colorful types of products to choose from.

Business Details Settings

This is where any other details about your online store will be displayed. You can put all the things that can’t be filled in the other category, like when the store was first established, the product history, and so on.

Select Theme

The final step at this stage is to choose a theme for your online store. There is a choice of free themes that can be used, as a suggestion use the Live Preview mode. And then, do the next step necessary.

Remember that the address is very important, especially for product distribution. Although you’re working mostly online, there’s something you need to know. The thing is, first check which state will be best for registering your company, the nearer the better. The better location may provide you with better suppliers with better quality and price. 

3. Adding Products

Before your shop is visited by buyers, it would be nice if you added products to sell. 

The steps are on the Dashboard page, then do the following:

  1. Select the WooCommerce menu 
  2. Click Add your first product (Manually, Import, and Migrate) 
  3. Add Manually 
  4. Fill in Product Information (Name, Description, Product Type (General Price and Discount Price, Item Code and Status, Type Shipping and Determining the Weight of Goods, Linked Products, Product Attributes, Variations, Advanced, Short Descriptions, Product Images, Product Labels, and Product Categories) 
  5. Publish Products.

4. Manage Products

After successfully adding various products, the data will be recorded on the WooCommerce product page. You need to manage it, by selecting the WooCommerce menu > Products > Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, View, and Duplicate.

5. Manage Orders

When the customer has finished placing an order, we will automatically get a notification on the order menu on the Dashboard. We can process it directly and change the status of each process (Processing, Pending Payment, On Hold, Completed, Completed, Canceled, Refunded, Failed).

Is Starting an E-Commerce Business Expensive?

The good news is the platform and the plugin is actually free to use. Yes, anyone can use WordPress and WooCommerce plugin for free. However, remember that there are always additional fees for maintaining your store. The additional fees are mostly inevitable, and only feel natural the longer you use e-commerce.

Nonetheless, Woocommerce is a customizable WordPress plugin. This means that you have control in terms of costs for creating an online webshop. Apart from that, you need to remember, to run a website you will also need other costs such as hosting or domains.

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