How to Overcome the Challenges of a Remote Ecommerce Team 

The popularity of e-commerce and remote work witnessed a surge amid the pandemic. And both continue to go strong. According to a survey by Buffer, 98% of remote workers would prefer to continue working remotely for the long haul. 

So if you run an ecommerce business, you can consider hiring WebRTC developers or similar remote resources. In fact, it gives you an advantage as you can save on space, infrastructure, and money. But you’ve got to master the craft of managing people working out of the office. 

Lucky for you, we have a list of strategies to help you manage your remote e-commerce team like a pro. Here you go.  

Challenge- Lack of a sense of direction 

Solution- Clarify expectations from the get-go 

Managing people working remotely often gets complicated because they hardly know what to do. Your job as a leader is to set clear expectations and ensure everyone knows what they need to do. For example, your design professionals must get the product images ready well before the launch.  

Likewise, the support staff has to be right there to address queries and complaints ASAP. Give them clear goals, deadlines, and milestones. Make sure your team knows what’s expected of them to keep it on track. 

Challenge- Communication bottlenecks 

Solution- Bridge the communication gaps 

Lack of communication is perhaps the most daunting aspect of running a remote business. You may have great people on board, but they can’t give their best without being on the same page.  

The problem can be even more severe for e-commerce teams as they work on unrelated aspects like web design, marketing, data analytics, and customer support. Schedule regular check-ins and set up virtual meetings to ensure everyone knows what’s going on.  

Challenge- Collaboration issues 

Solution- Streamline things with the right tools 

Well, good collaboration keeps remote teams going, but it is easier said than done for e-commerce companies. But stress not, there are tons of great tools to ease collaboration. You can pick project management software, chat apps, and video conferencing tools.  

Likewise, RemoteToPc remote Access Software enables employees to access office systems from their locations. The best part is that they can do it securely, without worrying about compromising data, apps, and networks.  

Challenge- Lack of motivation 

Solution- Give feedback and recognition 

When you’re managing a remote e-commerce team, keeping the motivation levels up is a tough job. Employees may feel like they’re working in a vacuum. They may also experience burnout and disengagement.  

Giving feedback and recognition regularly can address these concerns. Recognize accomplishments and let people know that you appreciate their hard work 

Challenge- Isolation and disengagement 

Solution- Foster a sense of community 

Like isolation, lack of team bonding is another factor affecting remote workers. But guys, just because you’re not in the same office doesn’t mean you cannot bond as a team.  

Why not try to create a virtual community where they can connect and engage? Encourage team building by scheduling trivia games and virtual happy hours beyond work meetings.  

So e-commerce managers, buckle up and try these strategies to get the most out of your remote team. You’ll be well on your way to managing a successful one! 

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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