Debunking misconceptions about online criminal justice degrees

Criminal Justice degree

A very convenient way for busy adults to finish school is by pursuing a degree online. Apart from expanding educational horizons, a degree provides the perfect platform to compete in the current job market, especially if you are seeking a career in the law enforcement field.

The study of criminal justice and law enforcement is more sophisticated than ever before therefore,if you wish to develop the knowledge and skills required to safeguard property and people then the best way to go about it is by trying out an online criminal justice degree.

Yet despite the fact that interest in online criminal justice degrees is rising,myths and misconceptions about it have crept in which need to be dispelled. This article will take a look at some of them and show you what to do to dispel them.

Myth 1: You need to come from a police background

Not true at all. Students pursuing online criminal justice courses come from a variety of backgrounds. Again because these courses are online, students can continue to work and study, whether in the police force or elsewhere.

A good academic institution continuously updates its programs through industry experts to ensure that the students are abreast of the latest techniques and theories in the criminology field.

Myth 2: You will only cover cases of murder

While cases of violence and murders are attention grabbers, there is much much more in the world of criminal justice. Students on online criminal justice degree courses cover the entire extensive field.

The degree gives the graduate broad training in many areas and provides an excellent advantage when applying for criminal justice positions as either a drug/alcohol worker or a court custody officer.

Myth 3: You will only be working with the police

An online criminal justice degree provides the perfect foundation for work with the police, but is by no means the only career path for graduates. Careers linked to criminal justice are varied and can include probation services, prison services, youth offending services, voluntary services, and more.

Graduates can also move into civil career streams as project managers, fundraisers, adult guidance managers, housing managers or even local government officers.

Myth 4: You are not earning a “real degree”

This can be tricky because there are several institutions that are not accredited at either the regional or national level.It is therefore important to steer clear of these diploma-churning mills and instead pursue your online criminal justice degree through an accredited institution.

Choose a university or college that has been evaluated by a reputed third-party accrediting agency having the best-established standards of education. A great place to check is the website of the US Department of Education which provides complete information on which school is accredited or not in their government database.


If any of the above concerns have been acting as a deterrent for following criminal justice degree courses online then it is time to reconsider whether online study is right for you.

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Will Fastiggi

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