7 Essential Electronic Devices for the Modern Electrician

Whether you’re an aspiring electrician or well-established in your career, these are the following tools you should always have in your kit or van. Having these devices on hand will help you to complete work safely and to a quality standard, helping to improve both your work outputs and positively benefit your client reviews and referrals. 

Insulated screwdrivers 

For any electrician, insulated screwdrivers are essential. Unlike other screwdrivers, these are designed with a thick plastic handle, meaning they are non-conductive. This special design means that you are protected from any unexpected currents. As well as protecting you, the insulated design means that other electrical parts are less likely to be damaged, should an electric short occur whilst you are working. 

Approved voltage indicator 

Another essential device is an approved voltage indicator (AVI). This device determines whether or not there is a presence or absence of electricity. This tool is crucial for checking whether the power has been correctly switched off before work begins. It can also be used to detect whether there are alternating current voltages on circuit breakers, switches, outlets, and sockets. 


A pair of pliers is useful for more fiddly tasks and when dealing with delicate equipment. These can be used for cutting and stripping wires and removing stubborn nails. You may want to invest in both traditional and long-nose pliers dependent on the type of tasks you are undertaking. Similar to screwdrivers, you can also get insulated pliers, ideal for giving you greater peace of mind. 

Battery drill 

Being an electrician, it is likely that as well as dealing with electrics, you may need to do some work beforehand to access them. This is why having a battery drill in your kit can be handy as it can be used for drilling into both walls and wood. A battery drill is also often needed at the end of a project for fastening works. 

Voltage tester 

A voltage tester is an essential device for checking if a circuit is safe, as well as whether your equipment is working as it should. To comply with health and safety regulations, it is crucial that you ensure there is no voltage present before working with a range of electrical items. Therefore, you can’t be without a voltage tester in your kit. 

Current transformer

Another crucial device for your kit is a current transformer, used to measure the current of an electrical circuit. These devices have multiple uses, some of the most frequent being monitoring power usage, measuring any voltage drops, and controlling high motor speeds. Not only are current transformers beneficial for safety, but they can also increase energy efficiency due to their ability to feedback on power usage. 

Cable cutters

Another manual tool that should have a place in any electrician’s kit is cable cutters. Used for cutting, as well as stripping, bending, and holding small wires, cable cutters are very useful for carrying out work that requires extreme precision. As always, it is best to opt for an insulated pair. 

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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