6 proven methods to increase website conversion rate

As a B2B marketer, continually increasing your website’s conversion rate is essential. There are many aspects of a website that can either gain or lose a customer’s interest, so figuring out what you’re doing well and where you can improve will help you get more eyes on your product. Here you can find six proven methods you can easily implement to improve your website conversion rate.

Make sure your landing page is well-designed

When it comes to improving conversion rates, having a strong landing page is key; it’s the first thing a potential customer will see, and it could be the difference between them clicking through or losing interest. When optimising B2B landing pages, consider how much information is essential and what can wait until after the customer has clicked through. Keeping your landing page simple and free from clutter will give the customer a better idea of what your product is and how it can help them.

Communicate clearly with the customer

When a customer becomes interested in a product, they want to know about how it can benefit them specifically. As well as including details about your product on your landing page, conduct research on your potential audience to get a clear idea of what their needs are and then explain how your product can help them.

Make sure your website is well-optimised

Customers visit websites using a variety of different devices, from phones to tablets to computers. Each device will give the user a different experience, so make sure your website is optimised to run well on every device. If your website is too slow to load on the customer’s device, then they’ll quickly lose interest.

Use live chat

If a customer doesn’t click through, it may be because they’re unsure about your product. By adding live chat to your landing page, you can alleviate any concerns your potential customer may have about your product and could encourage them to click through.

Include a strong call-to-action

Having a strong call-to-action on your landing page is essential when encouraging customers to click through. These CTAs can take many forms: inviting the customer to learn more about your product, subscribing to a newsletter or downloading an offer. Use active language, such as “download now” or “click here to learn more” to encourage your customers to convert.

Incorporate multimedia elements

To give your customers a better idea of what exactly your product is, it’s a good idea to include photos and videos of the product alongside text. Not only does this give your customers a clear idea of what your product does, some may prefer to watch a video rather than read about it. When using multimedia elements, it’s important not to add too many as this can lead to the landing page looking cluttered, which may end up driving the customer away. When used smartly, multimedia elements can better showcase your product or service and encourage website visitors to click through to the next page.

There are many methods you can use to increase your website’s conversion rates, but by understanding the customer and what they want from your product, you can ensure that they’ll follow through on their interest and click through to your website.

Will Fastiggi
Will Fastiggi

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